Blogging A to Z: Essential Blogging Terms to Know – Part 3

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Ever heard a friend, coworker, or speaker casually use a word that everyone else in the room seemed to know? Leaving you feeling out of the loop and uninformed.  As a newbie blogger, it’s easy to get lost in all the blogging lingo. Our Blogging A to Z series features essential blogging terms every beginning blogger should know. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the series.

Your Essential Blogging Terms

The Q’s of Blogging

Quora – a question and answer site that can serve as great place to generate blog topic ideas

The R’s of Blogging

RSS – stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows readers to subscribe to your blog in their favorite reader like Bloglovin or Feedly.

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Registrar – a business that manages the reservations of your blog’s web address. Popular registrars include GoDaddy and NameCheap.

The S’s of Blogging

SEO – Search Engine Optimization refers to a technique used to increase the likelihood of your post being found online

Sidebar – a column of your blog’s layout that is either to the left or right of your blog post. 

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Site Map – a file that includes a list of all the pages on your website

Squarespace – a platform to host your blog or website

Self-hosted – a blog that lives on its own server rather than at Google’s blogger or You typically pay a hosting provider like Bluehost to house your blog’s file 


SSL – stand for Secure Sockets Layer which is a means to send communication over the Internet securely

Shortcode – a smaller code that is used to reference larger blocks of code quickly. Shortcodes can be used to format text  or embed videos

Spam – comments or emails that are unsolicited and often seeking to link to unreputable sites

Stock Photos – ready to use images taken by another individual or photographer that are used in place of your own photos. Stock images can be free or paid.

Subscriber – an individual who signs up to receive communication from your blog

The T’s of Blogging

Themes – blog themes allow you to change the look of your site.

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Tags – a way to further organize blog content by adding a keyword or phrase that describes your post, which make it easier for readers to find. Discover the difference in tags vs. categories

Trackback – a link back to your site from another website

Template – another name for blog theme or a file the sets the layout of specific page

Typepad – a blog hosting platform

The U’s of Blogging

Unique visitors – the number of distinct visitors to your blog or site during a specified time frame

URL – a unique link or address to a specific website on the web.

The V’s of Blogging

Vlog – blogging via videos

Virtual assistant – an individual who assists with tasks to run your blog or business remotely. Virtual assistants can be located all over the world and can help with things like social media, editing, inbox management.

Visitors – people that come to your site and review your blog’s content

Essential Blogging Terms to Know

The W’s of Blogging

Widgets – a WordPress term that refers to a small area of your site where you can place different content

WordPress – a blogging platform that can be self-hosted or not

Webhost – see hosting

The X’s of Blogging

XML – a language used to transmit data across the Internet used in conjunction with HTML

The Y’s of Blogging

Youtube – an online video creation and sharing space

Yoast – a popular WordPress plugin used to help with SEO
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Other Blogging Terms Resources

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