Every Married Woman Should Date

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Every married woman needs to date her husband. Focusing on your man and your marriage, no matter how crazy life is, is essential.

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Do you remember the moment you tumbled into love with your husband? That spark of awareness that this is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with?

When’s the last time you felt that way?

What about the last time you went on a date with him?

If you can’t remember, or it was more than a month ago, the simple answer is: TOO LONG!

Every Married Woman Should Date Her Husband

You need to be dating your husband, my friend. It keeps the romance alive by pushing ‘pause’ on the rest of your life and focusing on the man you’ve made a covenant to love, honor, and cherish.


Dating your husband is one of the ways you can fall in love with him over and over again (or begin to fall back in love with him if the feelings are struggling right now!).

Maybe you’re sitting there rolling your eyes at me…or making excuses explaining reasons for why you don’t have the time…or just thinking that you’ve been married too long for that.

Oh, friend, you are so wrong. NOW is the PERFECT time to date your man!

Dating Your Husband Keeps Your Feelings Fresh

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Love is a choice. But it’s also a feeling.

Sometimes the warm fuzzies fade and you’re left in a life that is hard and frustrating and seems determined to attack the love the two of you feel.

Did you know that God wants you to keep your marriage sizzling? In His infinite wisdom, He wants to help the two of you stay united together in a world that doesn’t value marriage the way He does, keeping those feeling fresh and focused is one way to do that.

Dating Your Husband Is Fun

And let’s not forget how fun dating someone you are madly in love with can be.

Or how intriguing it can be to get to know someone better over a sweet walk by the lake or a candlelit dinner for two. Should Married Women Date

Have some fun together! Go on a date together and laugh and ask each other questions you haven’t taken the time to ask in a while.

No time to go out or can’t find a sitter? No worries. Have a Date Night In (check out these 34 At Home Date Night Ideas!). If you’re feeling really adventurous, try playing this game of Truth Or Dare For God-Loving Married Couples.

Just enjoy each other. Having fun together will help keep you close and strengthen your marriage.

Dating Your Husband Keeps Your Marriage At The Top Of Your Priority List

It’s really easy to forget to focus on what matters most and instead get distracted by the things that just clutter up our time.

The urgency of doctor’s appointments, dirty dishes, and the starting time of your favorite TV show can all push your focus away from your husband.

That’s why you need to hit PAUSE on life and get your priorities back in line with God’s divine order (God, marriage, family, the rest of all the things).

Regular date nights with your husband will make sure your marriage stays as a priority; it will keep it in your focus.


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Revel In The Romance

Enjoy it. Anticipate it. Revel in it.

Take the time to feel more attractive, to daydream a bit about your man, and to get your head in the game.

Savor your time together. Let yourself enjoy it, without thinking about the massive list of things that need to be done at home, or the kids, or Monday morning.

Be fully present when you are dating your man. Flirt with him, laugh with him, love with him.

Rekindle that spark that you felt once upon a time and keep it burning!

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