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It’s so important to give what God has blessed us with to charity. At BCW we love to feature great charities. Welcome Megan from Good Neighbor Garage, a charity for car donations. 

The Benefits of Donating Your Used Car to Charity
When you have decided to purchase a new car, you have to figure out what to do with your old car. Some people will trade their car in to get money towards the new car, or they will sell the car themselves. Another option is donating your car to a charity. What are some of the benefits of donating your used vehicle to charity?
The process is simple. All you have to do is call the charity that you have found and want to donate your vehicle to and set up a time for someone to come and pick it up or have you drop it off. Make sure that you pick the right charity because there are many people trying to scam people out of a vehicle. Knowing if the charity is right involves doing research. See if you receive a tax benefit, look up the value of your car, see how the car will be used, and if you have any other responsibilities you have to deal with.
Another benefit is that you are donating towards helping others out. Depending on the charity, they will take the money that your car is worth and give it to those that are in need of the money. Other charities will fix your car up, if necessary, and give the vehicle to someone that qualifies for it. There are plenty of ways that your car will go to good use by donating it.
You will also get a tax break when you donate your vehicle to charity. Although you cannot submit the vehicle’s full value, you can claim the amount for which it is sold. You will get a receipt which is acknowledgment that you have successfully donating a vehicle to a good cause.
The benefits of donating your used vehicle to charity make purchasing a new car even more worth it. You will feel better about yourself while helping someone that is in need. You will also receive a tax break so that you will allow for you to get some money for that used vehicle.

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Good Neighbor Garage, a charity for car donation in Colorado, is pleased to bring you this article on the benefits of donating your used car. If you are on the lookout for a Denver car charity, be sure to check out our website today.

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