February Featured Blogger: Leeann

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We are excited to introduce you to this month’s featured blogger Leeann of Leelee Writes.

BCW: Introduce yourself and tell us the story behind your blog’s name and how long you been blogging.
My name is Leeann, but I blog under the nickname of Leelee. This name was affectionately given to me years ago and it has stuck. I chose the name Leelee Writes because I was considering writing an eBook when I chose the domain. I chose to focus on the theme of Finding Yourself and Identity because I have learned a lot about those two things as I grew in my faith

BCW: What’s the one thing you wished you knew before you started your blog?

I wish I knew that I didn’t need to take blogging so seriously. It is supposed to be a fun hobby, not something that takes over one’s life.

BCW: What blogging tip would you give to other bloggers?
Stay true to yourself, even when you don’t get the stats or attention you think you deserve. Focus on connecting deeply with a few readers, not surface level interactions with the multitudes.

BCW: What is one of your favorite posts you have written and why?
This is one of my favorite posts of this past year. Even though I have known about Communion all my life, it wasn’t until this spring when it finally clicked.

BCW: How can readers connect with you?
Readers can connect with me via my blog Leelee Writes as well on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

BCW: What is one of your favorite scriptures and why?
I would have to say Philippians 4:6-7 are my favorite verses. I chose them to be my life verses when I was in high school. I used to worry and fret about everything. These verses remind me that I do not have to worry because God is in control.

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