Finding Love the Godly Way: Guide for Christian Women

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Many Christian women are single and want to find the right man for a lifetime commitment. Finding love the Godly way takes work and discipline. In addition, it takes stages for a relationship to mature to lasting love. Here are guidelines to help single Christian women find love the Godly way.

Work on Yourself

Firstly, seek to grow deeper in your Faith. Read the Bible, pray, attend fellowship, and surround yourself with people that add to your spiritual nourishment. This action will help you become complete in Christ as opposed to waiting for a man to give you an identity. Secondly, develop your skills, grow in your career and/or advance your business. For instance, you can learn a new skill, advance in your education, seek out that promotion or grow your business. Whatever you do, keep growing. This will make you confident and successful in what you do.

Important to note, working on yourself is a continuous process that does not stop when you meet a prospective partner.

Tips for finding love the Godly Way

Develop a Friendship

If and when you meet the Christian man you have always wanted, do not rush to get into a relationship. Regardless of whether the emotions are telling you otherwise, make the deliberate decision to grow a friendship. This should be done through consistent communication, going on dates, and spending time with mutual friends. The experience will help you know his character, and more so, inform you on whether you would want to take the relationship to the next step. Important to note, avoid meeting in secluded places where it would be just the two of you. This is because such an environment would tempt you to become physically involved, which would complicate or even ruin the friendship.

Courting Stage

At this point, you have established that you are interested in dating the man with the end goal as a lifelong commitment. Most importantly, you are confident that the man is similarly interested in having you as his future wife. In the courting stage, seek to grow spiritually together through doing devotions and praying together. Have fun! Keep going out on dates and knowing more about each other. Talk about the future and what you expect from each other. This should continue until you are ready to meet each other’s family to share the news of the plan to get married.


In summary, finding love the Godly way takes work and intent. Firstly, work on yourself so that the man of your dreams will find you whole and complete. Secondly, develop a friendship with the prospective partner. Lastly, court with the end goal of marriage.

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