For Times You Struggle to Trust

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Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing but someday you will.”

– John 13:7

For some people trust is easy. Other people might be called control freaks. Hi, I’m one of those other people. My whole life I have been in a wrestling match with God. In the Old Testament when Jacob wrestled with the Lord it says he refused to let go until God gave him what he wanted, a blessing. I have wrestled with God about the path he has put me on. I’ve asked Him for things: to take away my pain or sorrow, to step in and fix everything, to take control and yet…I won’t give it up. I issued empty prayers. I know as a Christian that I should ask God for help, that I should give it up to him. Unfortunately head knowledge and emotion don’t cooperate sometimes.
If I were to meet with a counselor I would probably figure out all the reasons that I struggle with trust. Among the wreckage you could find a daughter abandoned by her father, a sister who watched her little brother sink deep into addiction, a girl who discovered she didn’t have as many real friends as she thought. What is heartbreaking is the truth that no matter what has happened in the past I am the daughter of the one, true King. My God came to Earth, lived a human life, died, and rose from the grave…for me. So no matter what happened I should be able to trust with open hands. Open hands give everything they have, but they are also fully able to accept what is given back to them.
I pray for each woman that struggles with trusting the Lord with her life. I pray for you with an understanding heart because it is my biggest struggle as a child of God. I pray for the reminder of John 13:7. One day we will stand before Him in heaven and we will understand. I also hope to encourage you that every time I have failed to trust Him, He has never failed to prove His love for me. He won’t fail you either. God bless you all in the New Year and may it be one of deeper trust for us all!


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