Half Full / Half Empty: Which Are You

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I pray that the God who gives hope will fill you with much joy and peace while you trust in him. Then your hope will overflow by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13 NCV

Ah, lunch break at last. What a long morning! The scene is the break room with tense bodies huddled around the small table because the boss won’t turn the heat up. Tony’s teenage son has talked back to him for the last time; Harry’s old lady smashed up the back of the car and darn well better pay for it herself; Jessie knows what they mean since her family is always giving her grief; if they all just get through the day and home to the TV, that’s all they can ask.

I’ve heard this scenario too many times. What’s the use? Attitudes seem to come from our spiritual base…not just from the occasional bad day…but from the heart. The glass empty or full, the pessimist or optimist, the negative or the positive. How often I have experienced how the environment in which I live casts the spell on my spirit…either I will live in the victorious hope of the risen Christ, or I will wallow in the downtrodden spirit of this world. I try to choose Jesus every day.

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Let’s look again: Tony could have more patience with his son; Harry could forgive his wife and know that she is upset also; Jessie could try to change the tone which she uses with her family; all these folks could stand ready for the love of God to wash over them each night. How would you like to change your scenario? In what area do you need an attitude of hope in Jesus Christ?

For me, The Bible has been a wonderful, refreshing resource for feeling God’s love in my life, for hearing God’s amazing promises for the future, for learning to forgive, to love, to follow His path and, of course, to know the pure joy of living in Eternal Life with Him. Why not open your Bible or a good devotional and spend time with Him every day so you, too, will have that hopeful glow that only comes from Jesus? Your glass will soon be full.

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Barbara DuncanBarbara Duncan, a licensed pastor and retired high school English teacher, has been researching, studying and preaching on the foundations of the Christian faith for over ten years. She and her husband of forty-five years, Jack, make their home in Pennsylvania where Barbara’s first love is writing about the Lord, and she leads an active life cooking, quilting, visiting with her kids and grandkids and serving the Lord in her local church. You are welcome to visit Barbara’s website, All Glory and Honor Unto Him.


  1. Susan Ulmer says

    Barbara……I scanned through emails this am….clicked on the site…..Thank You for sharing Romans 15:13. The second paragraph 5 th sentence, the choice….hope in Him..or wallow in the world. I smiled when I read that….I have wallowed way too much in my life ( still at times) . I do know when my hands stay open and not clenched…..my heart fills with HOPE ❤️


  2. Barbara Duncan says

    HI Michele, As always, you are right on! I’m not sure that you can retire to Montana because I think we need to be in ministry together!! Perhaps you could be the Western link and I’ll take the Northeast? Seriously, before you move, I have been praying for you to lead with us at St. John’s and write with me!

    Such blessings ahead…2x Grandma soon!
    Bless you!

  3. Michele Lentz says

    Hi Barb, ROM 15:13 is one of my favorites and I turn to it time and time again. God wants to give us so much hope that we overflow with it!!! I’ve been meditating on the sharing of blessings, she who is blessed is to be a blessing. And I need the constant reminder to trust in HIM!

    Have a wonderful 4th!

    God bless America, may her blessing overflow to others!

  4. Keri Underwood says

    Such a wonderful reminder. I think in every situation we are in we can look back and probably think “wow, I could have been more like Jesus in that moment.” I think it helps to have people that will point that out in us. To keep us looking towards Christ. I love this reminder. I needed this reminder this morning. Thank you and blessings to you!


    • Barbara Duncan says

      Thank YOU, Keri for sharing your thoughts with me. And…I sure needed to hear that today…and every day, it seems. The older I get, the more I need the patience of our Lord.
      God Bless you,

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