He Will Deliver You

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My family has been through some tough times over the past couple of years, and there was a particular request we had been praying and believing God for, but we just were not getting the answer we needed. Many times we tried and many times we got nothing back but failure and disappointment. It was a very disheartening experience and at one point I told myself it was not worth it, that it wasn’t meant to be and that it was not worth continuously praying when all we were going to end up with was failure.

Trusting God in the Between

I’m very sure the children of Israel had pretty much the same feeling after Pharoah refused to let them go even after Moses delivered the message from God. It was very good news when they first received it but the Israelites never expected it to take so long from the time they received the message to the time they actually left Egypt.

In Exodus chapter 5, we see Moses and Aaron’s encounter with Pharoah and how this message from God made Pharoah so angry that he even caused the Israelites more pain by forcing them to make bricks without providing them with straw. The Israelites were not at all happy about this, and they complained to Moses saying that he had given the Egyptians an opportunity to kill them and not deliver them. One thing I have come to realise is that us Christians can be a lot like the children of Israel. We sometimes fail to understand that the road to eternal life is never easy.  But it is very narrow and filled with twists, turns and bumps. Every time we meet these obstacles we tend to complain a lot and sometimes even to the wrong person.  And, we wish God had never given us the word or the promise in the first place. But when you meet an obstacle, instead of complaining, ask God, “What is the lesson you’re trying to teach me?” and then keep trusting Him for He brought you that far so He will deliver you.

God Will Answer

From Exodus chapters 7 through to 11, we see the ten plagues that swept through and destroyed the land of Egypt. After each plague, Pharoah promised He was going to let them go but then later changed his mind and this became a pattern till the very last plague which was the death of Egypt’s firstborn sons. I am sure the Israelites might have been wondering “How long will this go on for?” or “I see the Lord’s power through these plagues, but why is He taking so long to get us out of here?” Again, just like the children of Israel, us Christians tend to forget that God is the Master Planner and always is in control of every situation. His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways.

God had a reason for letting all those plagues happen, and the Egyptians were able to witness God’s mighty power so because of this, some of them believed in God. The most important thing though is that through these plagues, God protected His children, and they remained unharmed. Yes, it might seem like He is taking forever and yes it might seem like He has forgotten about us but He is always up to something and up to something good. He gives his angels charge over us and guides us in all our ways (Psalm 91:11) so we can keep trusting Him because He will deliver us.


Finally, in chapter 12, we can see how God used his mighty power to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt. After over 400 years they never would have thought that God will deliver them, but He finally did, and it was an amazing thing, and so they sang songs of praise to God, rejoicing because God had taken them out of slavery and they were never going to be in bondage again.

A couple of weeks ago, God surprised my family and me, and He finally answered our prayer request – that same thing that we had been praying for and kept getting disappointments. He finally gave it to us at His perfect time, and I couldn’t be grateful enough to Him for being so faithful.

We serve a prayer answering God, who never stops listening to our prayers so keep praying, keep rejoicing and keep trusting Him because He will deliver you.

Have a lovely day and God bless.

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