How to Better Connect Blogging with Your Faith

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Today our lives are connected by all that we share with others online. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Websites, Pinterest…and the list goes on. These outlets are used to reach thousands of friends, readers, and Google searchers…social media it is a powerful tool. As a Christian blogger and small business owner, I constantly need to remember to focus my energy in a way that is consistently positive and always being the light in the darkness. I have to make a conscious effort to ask myself: Is what I am posting glorifying God? Is it bringing someone closer to Him? Do my morals come out in what people read about my life? Am I being a positive influence?Will people see the work God has done in my heart through the things I write and say?

5 Ways to Faith Focused Blogging

Here are five ways to constantly keep God as the focus of your blog. I can guarantee if you do so, your blog will continue to grow in amazing and beautiful ways.

Faith center blogging
1) Mention His Name

Mentioning God in your blog posts and your comments is a great way to show your faith and love for Him. Bloggers typically share personal life moments and things that have been either joyful or difficult. We can consciously remember to mention how God helped get us through.

2) Connect with Other Christian Bloggers

One of the best ways to continually keep a Christ-centered blog is to follow other blogs that encourage and promote this way of thinking.  We need to remember that what we look to for inspiration shapes our mind, heart and lives. Surround yourself with positive messages and Christ-centered bloggers.  Become a contributor to this blog and find other Christian Bloggers to connect with! Do an add swap with us and help us promote Christ through blogging!

3).  Tell Your Story
Sharing bits and pieces about your journey in faith can be encouraging and a great way to bring God into your blog. Make it part of your about me and let people see your struggles and victories and how God played a part in it. This is a beautiful and humble way to let your readers learn more about you and also see that they too can have a loving relationship with Christ.

4).  Be Modest

Nowadays so many women are baring more skin than the web can handle. Fashion is a beautiful way to express ones self but it should always be something that focuses on ones natural beauty and love for God. Make sure that your fashion posts are showing your feminine side but also express your tasteful ability to be in style and in line with your morals.

5.) Prayer

Prayer is powerful. Perhaps your blog post has a personal prayer at the end of it? Or, maybe you pray in silence before and/or after each post. Prayer helps us to put our hearts in the right place and gather our energy and courage through our relationship with Him. Pray for your blog, pray for the opportunities to continue to connect with other Christian women via your blog, or perhaps inspire anther to become closer to Him. Pray for wisdom and a students heart as you continue to learn from others who may be at a different stage in their faith than you.

Our prayer for you and ourselves:

“Dear God, please help us as Christian bloggers to continue to keep you as the focus of what we do. We are constantly bombarded with information online that overlooks you. We want to glorify you in all that we do and in turn we know you will bless our lives beyond measure. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.”