I Want It Now! {Guest Post by Tosin}

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I hardly like surprises and I hate waiting. I have to know what  will happen in the next minute. When I pray, I want the answers to come right away. I want to know what my kids will look like in the future. I want to be prepared for every single challenge. I want to know what I will be doing in the next 10 years and I have to get all those information now!  Okay, I know I sound like a freak. lol.

All humans exhibit impatience in one way or the other. Some young people wish they were at the top of their career in a year. Some parents expect their kids to grow smart overnight. Sometimes, its about their spouse, they wish he/she would stop that bad habit right away! For others, its an annoying employer/employee who should get a grip immediately!

One important fact that we forget is that life is a process and change takes time. When a baby is born, it learns to sit, crawl, walk and finally run. I am learning that waiting and living in the process is part of life. Sometimes God takes time to answer prayers for reasons best known to him and this requires that we wait and trust him.

A career takes time to be built, good characters require time to be developed. It takes a lot of learning and encouragement to develop an intelligent mind. It also takes time to develop a strong relationship with God.

Whatever it is you dream of achieving,it will take time. So,take a deep breath and learn to enjoy the process that leads to your dream.

About Tosin
Tosin is a graduate of Economics who loves writing.She blogs at www.chavivas.blogspot.com. She loves children so much and teaches Children Sunday School in church. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria.