I Wasn’t Left Thirsty, There is an Oasis in the Wilderness

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“Look! I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceived it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43: 19)

Have you been in a situation where you think things aren’t getting done right? Have you asked yourself many times whether you’re progressing or have you just decided not to move and have now gotten paralyzed by the unprecedented situation you already have been in for weeks or probably months?

You probably lost heart keeping up with all these battles and will try to raise your concern to God asking him, “When will this stop?” or “Lord are you still there? Do you still listen to my prayers.” Sometimes we tend to question God and when He does not answer your prayer requests you tend to elude from Him and start doing your things alone. That’s how the devil works! He is not in a rush. He’s doing it gradually until it will lead you to unfaithfulness through your half-hearted prayers and eventually, you’ll find yourself unbelieving the power of eternal salvation and God’s promises to us. Just like any prodigal son, you’ll walk away from God, thinking that you’re able and old enough to handle your problems without Him.

oasis in the wilderness

How can a man go alone in the wilderness without his Father? Walking in the wilderness is like a man aimlessly pointing his arrow nowhere, without a goal in mind and a direction in life. It’s hard to get lost, but our Father is just one call away to heaven.  Remember this in every walk of your life; there will always be an inner voice of hope inside your soul saying that, no amount of negative things that come along the way will outweigh the positive ones. That is why you are still breathing, leaving, and believing in life. Listen to that tiny voice, darling. Your remaining hope is that little voice inside your soul. Be mindful of how the Holy Spirit speaks to you and how it does work into your life.

God sent the Holy Spirit to those who believe in the Him after Jesus Christ ascended to heaven (John 14:15-31). This is the reason why we’re still able to hear and believe though we do not see because, in the first place, it’s not meant to be seen but it is intended to be believed. That is how God’s relationship with us works.

I have been in this area of my life after graduation when a week of job hunting stretches out the last drop of my money in my account. I tried to do what is right I prayed, and asked, and sang praises to God then I dropped off my faith when I saw nothing happen until then I found myself destitute. I become distracted by my impatience. I left God out and I kept to do well on my own leading my life to destruction, an aimless pathway to nowhere. Then, one day I realized I have been betrayed by the devil. He lured me into believing in my own capacity, but I realized I am a human, and I cannot guarantee my security. I have to go back to my Father immediately before I would find myself spiritually dead. There is no way out if you leave God out.

For you, who are already granted your prayer requests in heaven, do not ever rely on what you have. To own something will never secure you of having everything, or of protecting everyone in your life. Only by God’s daily dose of grace and mercy we are living here on Earth with our family and loved ones each day. So, renew it every day in prayer and supplication.

A day without praise and worship is a sick day.

A day without a prayer is a dead day.

A day when you reconnect with the Father is a gain and your eternal wealth.

An oasis is peace found in the desert. Calming to your heart, assurance to your soul, and a blessing to your spirit.


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BCW Guest Blogger KristineMy name is Kristine and I am a young Christian from the Philippines who’s solely dependent on the Lord. My passion is to encourage every woman to become a better version of themselves through Christ. I want to testify how the Lord can work for us in every single, unexpected, and miraculous way we couldn’t ever imagine. I am newbie  writing articles and this would be my first time to write for a blog. My personal profile can be found on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Tumblr.



  1. Kristine Plamenco says

    To Christian Women Admins,

    Thank you so much for giving me the best opportunity to share my testimony and thoughts here. I am really privileged and blessed that my first ever published article was posted here. I believe that everyone’s talent isn’t a waste if used properly.

    To God be the glory of all the writers who are writing for His name.


    • Wanda says

      Our pleasure to have you share your testimony with us Kristine. When we hear the stories of others we are blessed and encouraged. Keep shining the light sweet sister. Have a wonderful weekend.

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