Joy Muscles

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Life gets rough. You go through times when it feels like “many bulls surround and encircle you”. You go through times when it feels like you are ‘prey to roaring lions’. You feel ‘poured out’, empty. The heartaches may cause physical pain and it feels like ‘all your bones are out of joint’, your heart just ‘melted away like wax, your ‘tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth’ and you have no words. (Ps.22:12-15)

What do you do when there is more pain than joy?  More dark then light?  More hurt than healing? Where do you turn when your strength is dried up?

“… The joy of the Lord is your strength.” (Neh 8:10)

Really?  The joy of the Lord is where I am strong?  I have strength in JOY?

Oh, yes, dear one!  There is strength in joy.  You can tap into that strength even when the joy is smaller than all the pain.  Even the smallest joy, the smallest hope, the smallest spark is enough to out-do the enemy.  Enough to out-wrestle the king of darkness.

Satan knows this to be true.  That is why he is constantly trying to get us down. He wants to squelch all things good.  All things light and life.  All things joy.  But he can’t.  Why?

Because joy is a God muscle!

God is everything good.  God is everything light and life.  God is everything victorious.  God is everything joy.  His very presence IS joy.

He will make you “glad with the joy of His presence.” (Ps.21:6)

Today, intentionally look for anything good.  Anything good is joy and you will become aware of His presence.

“But, where do I look?” you ask, “All seems cold and dark.”

A flower.  Have you ever marveled at the intricate beauty of a flower?
A child’s smile.  Oh, the wonderful innocence of a child’s smile or laugh.
A sunrise/sunset.  Beauty.  Loveliness.  Grandeur.
A gentle breeze.  A gentle rain.  How soothing they are to your parched soul.

Those are just a few things that are good to the heart.  Any little thing that brings gladness to your soul, that is joy.  That is God.  He is present.  Even just a small joy; a small spark; it’s still a joy.  It’s still a strength.  Hold on to it.  Do not let it go.

Never undermine the power of a small joy.  Flex that God muscle.  It is your strength.  Your strength for the next step.  Your strength for the next breath.  Your strength for the next hour.  Strength for THIS day.  Strength for EVERY day.

In all things good, there is God.
In all things wonderful, there is God.
In all things beautiful, there is God.
In all things lovely, there is God.
In all things victorious, there is God.
In all things joy…THERE.  IS.  GOD.

So, look today for one little joy.  The more you look, the more you’ll find, and the greater your joy muscle.  The greater your joy muscle, the greater your victory.

How great can be our “Joy in the victories You give”, oh Lord! (Ps.21:1)

Do not let the enemy squash even the smallest joy.  In it, you are strong.  In it, you are victorious.

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