Love: Our greatest debt

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Good morning darling!  Ever since I made the decision to pursue the Lord wholeheartedly, I have been blessed with a peace and rejuvenation that guards my soul.  I certainly am far from perfect, but each day I make it my number one priority to live with an awareness of God’s sovereignty.  Now, the fact that the Lord died for me free of charge is absolutely AMAZING.  In the word, I am confirmed of my cleanliness, and holiness in the Lord’s sight, and I’m given a chance to begin a relationship with HIM. Can you just absorb that for a minute?  The Lord of heaven and earth has granted me with the opportunity to commence a lifelong relationship with HIM, at no extra cost.  The Lord sure is good. However, right from my youth, my parents have taught me that nothing worth having comes without a cost. I ’m sure you’re all familiar with the saying: ‘No pain, no gain.’

Although the Lord doesn’t require us to physically take up our crosses and imitate what He did on the cross, he does require us to love others.  THE DEBT WE OWE JESUS AS AN APPRECIATION OF WHAT HE DID FOR US IS LOVE.  On numerous accounts in the bible, Jesus exemplifies this love and in the golden commandment which can be found in Mark 12v31, we are told to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’  Now, if you are anything like me, you would find this commandment rather difficult to attain.  I don’t have the most affectionate personality, and so unfortunately love doesn’t come naturally to me, at times.  I have to make a conscious effort to love others.

What makes this commandment particularly difficult, is loving others who don’t reciprocate the sentiment.  I feel so foolish and weak when I deliberately make an effort to be kind and warm to another, and get nothing but a cold shoulder in response.  However, God never fails to remind me of the point in time when I was his enemy, and what was his response?  Sending his one and only son, just so I could gain redemption.

If the Father could kill his beloved as a show of love towards us, when we were his enemies, then smiling at that ‘mean’ girl, surely shouldn’t be too much to ask for.  Befriending somebody who has betrayed you surely shouldn’t be too much to ask for.  Making peace with those who have offended you surely shouldn’t be too much to ask for.  None of these require death.  Now that was the ultimate sacrifice.

So can I just encourage you to persist in loving all those around you? Win them over with your quiet and gentle spirit. Although it may seem like your efforts are in vain, always remember that there is always one who sees your each and every action, and is consistent with rewarding you.  Goodness and kindness are two traits that never go in vain.
Peace and love, sisters.
Have a blessed day!

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