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After a rewarding career in corporate marketing, Angele traded the boardroom for the playroom.  For the last 10 years, Angele has been blessed to spend her time being a wife and raising her 3 sons.  She has embraced this season of her life and is proud to add Domestic Engineer and Household CEO to her resume.  Though the days are still full with housework and homework, Angele has found some time to continue her education in psychology and Christian Counselling at Liberty University.  Adding to the every changing world of life and motherhood, Angele recently became an American expat living in Europe.   During this time of great transition, she created Angel Dancing, a place to connect with others and stay grounded in her faith as she write about her experiences and willingness to surrender and let God take the lead.  

There it was, one sunny afternoon, my 9 year old son asked the dreaded questions, “Mom, what is the worst thing you have ever done in your life?”  Like a speed train racing through my brain, my mind thought of all the things I wish I could do over again – but the thought of sharing this with him was certainly not something I was about to do.

I chuckled and replied, “Oh honey, mommy was a kid once and certainly did things I wish I hadn’t.”  All you need to know right now is that you will make some mistakes in life (we all do), and you will learn from them.  Do your very best to make wise choices and ask God to guide your path every step of the way.”
What I really wanted to say was thank God Facebook or Twitter didn’t exist when I was growing up or my cyber footprint would haunt us both for years!
For the rest of the day, I was weighed down by his inquiry.  Knowing the temptations he will face and decisions he will have to make, I went to my Heavenly Father in prayer.  As I laid my burdens down, the Holy Spirit dropped an image in my mind from my own childhood. 

Growing up, I would spend hours in my dad’s workshop (a small room off our basement where he would create all types of art).  God has continued to bless his hands as he is always being creative and artistic; however, when I was young, he began working with stained glass and creating all sorts of beautiful pieces.  It was amazing to see these tiny, often broken, pieces of glass transformed using precise craftsmanship to create a masterpiece.

It was if I felt the Holy Spirit remind me that we are like those pieces of glass crafted together over time by our Creator into a work of art Heis designing.  Yet, because of the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, our glass is unstained.  Jesus gave His life as a sacrifice to pay for our sins and sinfulness.  No one is perfect!  God knows we will fail Him (often daily), but His love for us never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8), because He chose us (John 15:16), died for us (Romans 5:8) and will never leave us (Hebrews 13:5).  We are redeemed through Christ!  Hallelujah! 
The reality is, we all will stumble, but nothing is without purpose.  As believers, we do not live in the spirit by accident.  Each and every day Christians must make the decision to walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).  Trusting that God will manifest a Christ-like spirit and strengthen our character can sometimes feel like a great challenge (and often a lonely road traveled) as we live in a fallen world.  Daily, we are faced with choices and encounter human experiences and relationships.  What we do with those experience can help us grow in the most important relationship of all…our relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Perhaps when you begin to think about it, every one of us is a part of a greater pattern in God’s master plan.
Have you come to a place in your life where you have accepted your shortcomings, mistakes, even failures or do you carry the heavy burden of dwelling on the past?