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Are you single for Valentine’s Day?  Well you are not alone.  I am too.  In fact, I have never had a date for Valentine’s Day *gasp*.  I think there are things far worse, like being with someone that you shouldn’t be spending your life with on Valentine’s Day but that is another subject for another time.

Today I am here to tell about someone very special who wants to spend Valentine’s Day with you.  He thinks you are beautiful and loves you just the way you are.  He is always there to listen to you day or night, whether it is good news or bad news, whether you are happy or sad.  He is the King of Kings, and He wants you to spend time with Him.  So, if you are single this Valentine’s Day why not let Jesus be your Valentine?   He is asking you to “Be Mine.”  He wants us to know that all we have to be is His child.  Nothing else in the world will truly bring us satisfaction as having a relationship with the Lord.

Often times as single ladies we are pressured into thinking that we are not worth anything if we do not have that special man in our lives.  God wants us to find our worth in Him, not in men or things.  We don’t have to listen to what the world has to say about love, what God has to say about love is what is important because He IS LOVE.  (I John 4:8)
Here are some ideas of things to do for Valentine’s Day that would be out of the norm for most of the world…

  • Spend extra time reading the Bible.
  • Pray (not just going through the motions, but really seek the Lord and ask Him to meet you).
  • Try getting out a prayer journal and putting down your thoughts to the Lord there, if you are the type that puts thoughts down on paper well.
  • Sing to the Lord.  Find some good God-honoring songs and just sing your heart out for a good long while.
  • Play some hymns on the piano.  (or any other instrument if you play)  Some of my best times praising the Lord is when I just sit down and play for just me and the Lord.
  • Find a way to encourage a friend.
  • Be there for someone in need.
  • Don’t focus on yourself, be a blessing to those around you.  We can choose to be disappointed in the day or we can try to make someone else’s day better which will most likely make ours better too (funny how that works).

So, you are probably thinking by now, aren’t these things we should be doing every day?  The answer is yes, but often we let our lives get in the way of really meeting with the Lord.  So, my challenge is this (and if you are not single you can join us too 😉  ) let’s all make it a point to meet with the Lord and show Him our love for Him this Valentine’s day and then every day after that.  (Well, it wouldn’t be too much to start now would it?)

About Lauren

Lauren is a single lady that lives in Texas who is striving to please the Lord with her life.  She blogs about things the Lord is teaching her, shares recipes, and whatever else comes to mind on her blog For my Good and for His glory.  Follow Lauren on Pinterest.




  1. Mel Caldicott says

    Great post, Lauren. Valentine’s Day should become more of a celebration of love of all kinds rather than just romantic love.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  2. Jamie Rohrbaugh says

    Beautiful, Lauren! I love your ideas for spending extra time with our Most Special Someone on V-day. Even though I’m married now, I still remember that doing the things that you suggested above was what got me through MANY single, lonely Valentine’s Days. And now, I realize that nothing and no One could have been better than He was to me. 🙂

  3. Beckey says

    Wonderful post Lauren! Encouraging message for single Sisters. And a reminder for we married ladies also – that our first and greatest love should be our Lord!!

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