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“Susan’s husband is sick. Be praying for him.”

“Pray that my daughter finds a job.”

Hardly a week goes by without me hearing about the needs or a special request of family members or friends. I turn on the news and see the reports of tragedies. All things I silently pray for at the moment and long to remember in the coming days.

Yet even with the best of intentions of keeping these prayer requests before God, I find that as my life gets busy I have been prone to be inconsistent in remembering to pray. That’s why I love the concept of the PrayerBowls by Karen and Tom Berry.  This beautiful bowl has served as my bowl of remembrance for the past few weeks. Finding its place in the center of my kitchen table, the Angie Bowl, beckons me daily to take a few moments and pull a card and pray for those represented there. A simple yet powerful tool to fuel my daily prayers. I appreciate this reminder to come to the table and spend a few moments in fellowship with Jesus. 

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Having the physical bowl is wonderful but I love the added bonus of the virtual PrayerBowl that is available through the PrayerBowls app. In today’s word, most of us are never too far from our cell phones. With the PrayerBowl app our prayer lists are easily accessible and available whenever and wherever we have a little downtime whether that is at the doctor’s office, on lunch break, or between classes. Currently, the app is only available for iPhone and iPad; however, having an Android version would be a plus. The app allows you to collect, store and be reminded to pray as well the ability to have prayer groups. 

PrayerBowls iPhone App



Having been extremely sick a few years ago, Karen was the recipient of the prayers of family, friends, and even strangers. A lady whom she had never met named Angie told her she had prayed daily for her for a year. Angie had kept a prayer bowl and each day, she’d ask the Lord’s blessing on the people who were in need at that time. Having loved the idea so much, Karen decided to create a distinctive prayer bowl for herself and a few others and that is how PrayerBowls was birthed.

PrayerBowls could make the perfect gift for someone on your Christmas list. This week you have the opportunity to win a PrayerBowl for you or someone on your list. The winner may choose between two designs. Use the widget below to enter the giveaway.

The PrayerBowl Giveaway

PrayerBowl Giveaway

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