My Purpose, My Joy

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A while ago, I worried a bit about my lack of understanding of my purpose (…in God!).

I wasn’t sure I was right in the center of God’s will for me and also uncertain if my life gave Him the utmost glory.  I had heard so many people talk about purpose in really complex conversations. I felt a bit of a misfit in certain organized systems and projects. I worried my heart wasn’t involved in some of the responsibilities I had, even though I seemed to excel at them.

So I thought really hard and prayed about this.  “God what’s my purpose in life?” I lamented often.

My Purpose, My Joy

It’s funny that I expected to receive a grand plan from God about my life.  Something that possibly required a month of praying and fasting to comprehend.  Something that seemed pretty ‘impressive’ when I spoke about it.  Something that magnified my presence and uniquely set me apart from others.  Maybe like Moses parting the red sea and liberating the children of Israel.  Or like David, a mighty warrior, lover of God and writer of most of the Psalms.

I wanted something close to all the intricate explanations of purpose that I had read about and I had been taught. So when God gave me a Bible verse as the answer to my very many questions and cries, it wasn’t quite what I expected.

God led me to a Bible verse that brought an outburst of light and consequent warmth to my heart.  I mean my heart smiled all the way!

“My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love” ~ Col 2:2 NIV”

Yes, that simple!

My heart raced fast with excitement and complete acceptance as the knowledge of my ultimate purpose in life was revealed to me.

Wow! I finally knew my purpose.

I knew what I was born to do.
I knew what would give God praise.
I knew what could set my heart on fire.
And I was ready for just that.

The most remarkable thing about this experience is how well I could fit all of my skills and interests in life into these few words from the bible.

I love to encourage people….not a crowd (well, maybe that will happen someday), but just one person at a time, and the next and then on to the next!

I absolutely love to write and it’s totally fulfilling for me to share something inspiring on a person’s page before the start of the day. Something pleasant and motivating enough to keep a heart joyful and focused on good all day.

I like to offer a bit of counsel to keep a person on the right track.

I long to lead people to repentance and acceptance of God’s fatherhood.

I love to remind people of how much God loves them and how fully His grace is available to them.

I am enthusiastic about inspiring a person’s heart to forgive and love others.

I am determined to assist someone’s climb over that hurdle.

I like to empower people through God’s word and remind them one more time that they were created in the image of God and therefore possess the ability to do all things.

It’s an honour for me to pray for the child of that sick woman and rekindle her faith in God’s healing power.

I love to motivate tolerance, fairness and peace.

I am totally fulfilled when I assist a person financially and make a burden lighter.

So I decided to commit my life to just that.

Live daily to sow in the lives of others:

Simple utterances of praise
Simple expressions of encouragement
Simple show of appreciation
Simple words of wisdom
Simple acts of love
Simple seeds of kindness
Simple display of faith
Simple hugs and smiles

So you see, I’m SIMPLY fulfilling God’s purpose for my life daily; not as I expected but splendidly in a way that lights up my own world and gives incessant glory to God.

Meet Ag’ Nicole Ezomo

My purpose I’m God’s special daughter (..the really spoiled one!) I’m an encourager, writer, singer, fitness enthusiast, half marathoner and lover of all things positive. I enjoy sharing God’s word and helping people develop their strengths and beliefs. I love traveling, discovering God’s beautiful creation, experiencing different cultures and embracing the richness of human diversity.  If I were a color, I’d be blue as the ocean or sky.  I possess an inquiring mind and I see all of life through 3 different spectra – the word of God, faith and love.  My personal mantra is “…keep walking’ and it reminds me to keep life simple, forget what’s behind me and stay positively focused on God’s purpose for my life.