Spring Cleaning and a Change for the Season

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I’d love to tell you how I get all giddy to clean when I feel the first breeze of spring.
How I buzz around scrubbing like I’ve got bees in my knees and ants in my pants, just itching to scour every surface.

I’d really love to tell you that.  But I can’t.  It’s not even close.  I did however finally put away my December nativity set.  Before the month of April.  Let’s just call it baby steps, or rather, baby Jesus steps.

But one step at a time.  And one faith-filled foot in front of the other, I’m determined to clean out a few things.  Call it spring cleaning, or just a change for the season.

You see, change is hard.  And I have the tendency to hold on to things for way longer than I should.  Things on the outside, and even more, some things on the inside.  So although I’ll be cleaning my way through my house this spring, it’s not as much about doing housework, as it is about doing some homework with God.  Having Him show me where I need to toss some mental items that are getting in the way and adding to my mess.  And where I need to rid some dust-collecting thoughts to make more room for Him.

Recently, as I belatedly boxed up the last of my Christmas items and wrestled to keep hold of some time-worn habits, I heard the Holy Spirit’s words speak to my heart.  Like a whispering spring breeze, I heard Him say, “It’s hard to fully welcome spring when you’re still holding onto winter.”

So out with the old and in with the new.  Those old thoughts, old mindsets, and old habits have got to go.  To make way for the revival and renewal of spring.

Are you like me, white-knuckling some old ways of living and mental boxes of clutter that only get in the way? Perhaps there’s a pile of unforgiveness that needs to be relinquished.  Or counters and slates that should be wiped clean.  And maybe even a closet filled with fear and insecurities that are finally ready to be tossed.
Well, let’s do it!  Let’s fully surrender one room, one step, one thought at a time. I hope you’ll join me at my little blog home as I tidy up my house from the inside out. I sure could use the cheerleading company and the coffee break chat. Ready, set, clean!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Cor. 5:17 (NIV)

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Christie Hughes holds degrees in communications and law, but spends most of her time holding her two little girls and trying to hold it all together.  She leads a weekly women’s bible study, while she and her husband also help to lead the marrieds ministry in their church.  Christie’s an all out fear-fighting, mess-making, Jesus-loving, coffee-slurping mama.  Always in need of a refill.  You can chat and slurp along with her at her blog, christiehughesatthewell.com, and you can also find her on Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest.