3 P’s to Help You Survive Tough Times

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On my worst day, I will be honest I don’t feel like doing what I’m about to tell you to do. But sometimes I have to remind myself that this Christian walk is not based on feelings and emotions. It is a faith walk with God. The day you give up is the day the enemy wins. Even though we may not always wake up feeling victorious or like we’ve done something right, be assured that you are always victorious through Christ.

Today, I want to share what I believe to be three critical elements of Christianity. I call it the triple P. Please note it is not a quick fix, nor is it some sort of magical occurrence. These elements are basic foundation ingredients that we need to survive and come out the battle victorious.

You will make it through the tough days.
You will make it through the tough days.

Keys to Surviving Tough Days

Pray – Prayer activates the power of God and strengthens your spirit to combat the situations you will have to face in a Godly manner. I cannot tell you how many times the Lord has come through for me, based on things I’ve prayed. It has been that much. When I was a young believer, I thought prayer was simply asking God for what I needed and wanted or thanking Him for what I had. But prayer is so much more than that. Recently I began a journey of prayer. I started making declarations over my life and my family according to the word of God. The Bible says ask and you shall have, knock and Jesus will answer, decree and declare and it shall be established.  His word will accomplish that which it was sent to accomplish. My words have power, and I have power through Jesus to trample upon the works of the enemy, and no harm shall come my way.

Push– This may be the hardest thing. Telling your mind, body, and soul to push through the circumstance and have faith despite how things look in the physical realm is sometimes seemingly not practical. But the word of God says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and rulers in high places. But I want to tell you about a God that can dissipate that mountainous problem. Jesus is always bigger than any problem life can throw at you. Pick up the pieces; I know how hard this is when you feel like an emotional wreck. But I want to encourage you to push, push, push! Remember you can lean on Jesus when you feel like you just can’t do it on your own.

Praise– Amidst everything, praise God. From my personal experience, I’ve noticed there is a real sense of freedom, liberty, and strength that comes through the act of praise. I certainly don’t feel like praising God or thanking Him at times, because I am looking at life through my own eyes. But when we begin to see life through the eyes of our loving Father, we are able to understand the importance of opening our mouths and praising. The supernatural manifests and miracles happen when we begin to praise. And in those moments when words escape us, just say thank you. I think of Jesus as a friend I sit and have regular conversations with. God desires a relationship with us and prayer, praise and spending time in His word is the way to build and strengthen the bond between you and Jesus.

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So Pray, Push and Praise through those tough days.