A New Appreciation for Adam and Eve

I really enjoy putting myself into Bible stories. I believe that so much can be gleaned about who we are and who God is when we put ourselves into a particular scene and watch it play out. If we understand what these people might have been thinking or feeling or imagine how we might have […]

Power from Within

Lately, my church and my Bible study group have been talking about the Holy Spirit. I am learning so much. You see I grew up Catholic, but now I’m a Baptist.  So, this is all kind of new to me because I never really heard much about the Holy Spirit. I’m so amazed that He […]

It’s the Greatest Verse in the Bible

Well, in my humble opinion it’s the greatest verse in the entire Bible, but we’ll get to the reveal in a moment. [Tweet “So what’s the greatest verse in the Bible “] First, let’s exercise our imaginations a bit. Imagine you’ve given birth to a child (not difficult for those of you who are already […]