Encouraging Family Scriptures

Family is Forever The holiday season is almost here. A time when most families come together and see one another; eat, talk, and maybe have some disagreements. I know that these times can be stressful and families have a past. Jesus has shown us, however, that we should love no matter what. Love covers over a […]

A Changed Heart on Display

I was cold-hearted toward him in high school and treated him badly. If I could, I would apologize. That was my thought when my father told me he had seen an old boyfriend of mine, some fifteen years after our relationship ended. Lots of life had happened in those years. I was now married with […]

Why I’ve Given Up On Forgiving Myself

Whenever I read or hear someone saying, but you have to forgive yourself, I ask, why. There is absolutely nowhere in the Bible that says forgive yourself. We are told to forgive others but never ourselves. (Matthew 6:12b) Why? Because we are not God. We cannot judge ourselves. Only God knows the reasons or motives […]


You are forgiven. That thing you did… those words you said… that person you hurt… you’re forgiven. You. Are. Forgiven. You made a mistake.  I know.  I did to.  But making a mistake does NOT make YOU a mistake. The sin in your life is not who you are. I know that sometimes you feel like […]


  Forgiveness doesn’t come naturally for me. And I suspect that many of us struggle with it from time to time.   Alexander Pope had it right when he penned these familiar words about forgiveness: “To err is human, to forgive divine.”    So how do we forgive when we’ve been laid low by the […]