The Importance of Prayer for Kids

One of the most important jobs for a parent is to teach our children the skills they need to survive in this world. That responsibility is no more apparent than when our children reach an age where they can learn how to pray. When we teach our children to pray, we introduce them to Jesus […]

He Will Deliver You

My family has been through some tough times over the past couple of years, and there was a particular request we had been praying and believing God for, but we just were not getting the answer we needed. Many times we tried and many times we got nothing back but failure and disappointment. It was […]

Are we asking God the wrong questions?

Have you been praying for something for years?  Do you find yourself thinking God only moves in other people’s lives? Let’s see what Jesus says. We read of Jesus’ healing ministry beginning in chapter 8 of Matthew. It’s literally two entire chapters of healing leprosy, a paralyzed servant, Peter’s mother in law, and multiple demons possessed. […]

Lord, I Surrender-The prayer that changed my life

When I look up the definition of surrender I find words like: yield, abandon, give up oneself. Scary words to someone whose nature is control I need to be control. My rein for control in life got worse after I graduated college I was content with where I was in life I was living in complete […]