Covered by Grace

My weary soul was completely detached from what my mind and body were doing. The deed was done. I couldn’t un-do it. Mind and car in gear, I continued to the only place I knew to find a measure of rest and peace, the water’s edge. I have a thing for water. I love lakes, […]

Setting Healthy Boundaries

I am a chronic people pleaser and introvert. Life experiences have taught me the necessity of learning how to set healthy boundaries, and I unapologetically admit, it has been quite challenging. The difficulty comes from trying to balance kindness, goodness, and gentleness with saying no, articulating my needs and speaking up for myself when I […]

13 Unavoidable Signs You Need To Visit a Marriage Counselor

At the beginning of your relationship, everything seemed so easy. You were a new couple embarking on a world full of possibilities. As things progressed, you sealed the deal and became a married couple. Things were still happy, but now “real life” gets in the way. The stresses of daily life can cause marital conflicts. […]

Don’t Judge Me: I’m in love and I do not kiss. Yes! It is Possible!

The no THKS (No inappropriate Touching, no inappropriate Hugging, no inappropriate Kissing, and no Sex) is a useful tool to utilise in a Christian courtship. The Bible did not explicitly state that kissing is a sin, however, what tends to happen after the ‘K’ does not and will not please God unless we want to […]