Why Don’t We Celebrate Singleness?

Do memories from the past ever randomly resurface? The other day, while I was washing the dishes, an encounter came to my mind. When I left home for college, nearly 10 years ago, the last thing that my pastor told me was “I have a man picked out for you. He’s not ready yet, but […]

Online Dating as a Christian Girl

Recently, I entered the world of online dating. Understand, I didn’t just jump into this; I have been praying about it for a while, maybe since I moved to a different state eight months ago. Is online dating even okay for Christians? I struggled with this. I wondered if God would be upset with me […]

How to Find a Husband with God’s Help

Red rose petals strewn across a white marble floor, the sound of your stilettos, violinists playing the Bridal Chorus, the chocolate waterfall machine emitting heavenly scents . . . STOP! What’s missing? Oh yeah, you haven’t worked out the details on how to find a husband. While visions of sublime happiness revolve inside your head, […]