Take Heart [Guest Post by Marcy]

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Marcy from No Maybe Baby has some encouraging words about healing. She is a nurse, wife and mom to three adopted children. Read along with us.

Have you ever read or heard the story about the woman who touched Jesus’ robes as He walked by (Matthew 9:20)? This woman had been suffering for 12 years with an affliction that made her “unclean” in the eyes of those of her time. What we know was that she had been bleeding, and I can guess I know what her condition was. I’m pretty sure I’ve lived it. This woman, because of her illness, was pretty much an outcast. Lord knows I’ve lived that! I mean, all of us girls who haven’t been able to join the mommy club or have done so in unconventional ways, know what it’s like to be cast out from our friends, family or society-even when they may not do it intentionally. At any rate, this woman had faith, and she believed that Jesus was the Christ, and so firmly believed in who He was, that she was sure if she just touched him, grasped a piece of his robes as He walked by, that she would be healed. Her faith could move some mountains. I can just hear what she had to have been saying in her head. 

If I can just touch Him. If I could just reach a thread of his robe. If I could just feel the cloth between my fingers, His grace might heal me.”

And though He walked through a crowd of people, and had hundreds of hands, legs, arms touching Him, He felt her grasp. He noticed her slight touch at the hem of His clothing, because her faith was so strong and unwavering. He turned to her and said “Daughter, take heart. Your faith has healed you.” And she was healed. 

Oh, what words. What hope and relief she must have felt at that moment. And what love. Daughter, take heart. Can you imagine? Can you imagine what that must have felt like? To know that you had been healed, that all the suffering was ending. To know the strength of His love and ability to make all the pain go away? What a feeling, and what a hope. We don’t know what happened to the woman after she left, but I can imagine it was a joyful day and celebration! She would no longer be considered an outcast of her home and society. I bet she ran all the way home, a smile to light the world on her face! And I bet she spread the word to her family and friends. 

I hoped and prayed to be like that woman for so long. If I believe enough.I would think. If my faith is strong enough. If I pray for it hard enough, I’ll be healed. I imagine I would have been just like that woman, I wish I knew her name. Sad isn’t it, that such a picture of faith is placed in history as only words and actions on a page, and no name? I know I would have thought and felt the same thing as she did. If I could only touch His robe.  

But that’s not how it worked for me. I wasn’t healed, as the woman in the crowd was. And I have wondered if it was because my faith wasn’t strong enough. If I didn’t do enough or try enough or pray hard enough. But I’ve learned that that isn’t how it works. I’ve said before that sometimes we pray for things, and the answer is no. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how strong our faith is, the answer is still no. Why? Well, isn’t that the question. I know the plan is greater than I can fathom. I can think of reasons why, but those are only consolations on a good day. But what I do know, is that regardless of my faith, I am still a daughter of the kingdom. Regardless of how much I pray, I am still a favorite of the King, and His love for me isn’t measured by the health of my body or the success of my hopes. Because of this, I can take heart, because He loves me. 

So take heart, girls. Know that your pain or heartache isn’t a manifestation of your faith, or lack thereof. Know that He can create miracles where none seems possible. But most of all, know that He loves you.