Taking God Off of Mute

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Sometimes it seems hard to discern God’s will for our lives.

Sometimes it seems hard because of the noise from all of the things outside of us that compete for our attention.

This noise can come from a society where our sense of self and purpose is somehow based on the material possessions we have, or on what people think about us or on the number of likes we receive on social media.

Sometimes the noise comes from those who are closest to us, our families and friends. The voices of people who love and care deeply about us, who think they know what is in our best interest. But sometimes their idea of what is best is not our idea and perhaps not even God’s.

Then there is the noise of our own negative, internal chatter. The not so kind words we say to ourselves, the limiting beliefs we hold about who we are, or how we convince ourselves that it is better to hold onto fear than it is to hold onto faith.

Mute Button

For a long time, I struggled with knowing what God wanted for my life. My internal chatter kept me on the sidelines of God’s will for my life. I was afraid of what he was calling me to and doubted I had what it took to do what he wanted. I was also caught up in the expectations of others. I would often wonder what would they say if I really trusted my own true voice and did what I felt God was calling me to do.

When we find ourselves in a place of uncertainty and confusion,not able to discern God’s will, it is usually because the noise volume in our lives is turned up too high and God’s voice is seemingly on mute.

But what if we learned to tune out all the voices and tune into the quiet still voice within that is always speaking to us? The voice that wants to guide us and protect us. The voice that connects us to who we are at our core.

How would we do it? How do we tune into God and release the mute button?

It begins with reading his word, prayer, and silence. This is how we hear from God.

We can also hear from God through the pages of a journal. When I journal I connect to God and to myself in a deeper way. On the blank page, there is freedom in being able to openly express my thoughts and feelings. I am able to ask questions of myself and of God seeking to become clear on what he wants for my life.

But it is not just about writing what is in my heart and mind, it also about being still during this sacred time so I can listen to what he has to say to me. I tune into him and then I am able to capture his words in my journal as well.

Discerning God’s will for our lives is built upon remembering that we were created with a purpose. He has a specific plan for each of us. And however we are able to access his voice whether, through prayer, silence, bible reading or journal writing, we must do it with an open heart to receive and the expectation that he will respond.


Blogger Tara C. PrayTara C. Pray writes at www.wordsbytara.com about faith, spirituality, journal writing and dream making. She is the author of the e-workbook, Journaling to Your Purpose.