The Greatest Relationship [Guest Post by Hannah]

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Hannah’s an inspiring young woman who blogs over at Wonderfully Sewn. She has a poetic-like reminder about the greatest relationship we have with God.

Oh, the up and down life of a teenager.

The time when changes begin, 
and glimpses of independent life come into focus.
The time when you begin to realize who you are,
why you’re here, 
and what you’re going to do with the life you’ve been given.
It’s the first season
of truly realizing every human being’s desire for human connection.
And there’s that little pesky thing that keeps popping up,
time and time again.
It seems that every person, besides you, is in some sort of relationship.
And you begin to think,
(I begin to think)
being in a relationship is 
where it’s at. 
You see the cute Instagram selfies,
and the girls with their dates at prom,
and listen to friends gush about adorable boyfriends, 
and think “Being single is no fun.”
Not even realizing,
not taking in that being single is a gift.
And not only in the cliched way.
But in the way that,
the Lord places 
each and every one of us
in the place that He knows is the best for us.
We are without an earthly mate for a reason.
Reasons that may be unique to every one of us.
Singleness opens us up to
heavily depending on Him, 
fully trusting that His plan is best,
and using the love that would have been shown to our mate,
for an even greater purpose, 
giving that love to our Heavenly Father.
We are not single,
or alone. 
Quite the contrary,
we are in a relationship,
with the greatest One we could ever be in a relationship with.
The one who can fill desires that no earthly man ever could.
Right now,
we are in the best place we can be.
He has given us each day
and with a purpose.
Don’t be saddened by the single life.
Be even more thankful,
for where you are,
is where you need to be.