There’s Purpose in the Process

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I love tea! And at this moment I have more varieties than I can practically drink. It’s become my affordable indulgence.


This may sound a tad ridiculous, and I feel ancient saying it, but drinking tea is like drinking a cup of serenity or ‘sereni-tea’. See what I did there? So puny!

Yep, moving on….For the duration of the cup, I am immersed in an uninterrupted, fragrant chill zone.
I like to store my tea in a compartmentalised tea box, and although it’s probably not the ideal place for optimum freshness, it is very pretty.  Thinking about tea got me thinking about character. Huh? Bear with me…

Tea, whilst still in its box or bag is nothing special. Tea in cold water is nothing special.

For tea to fulfil its designed purpose it must be immersed in boiling or near boiling water (depending on the type of tea and how much of a tea snob one is). It is only then that the flavour can be released, that the properties of the tea and all that makes it unique can burst forth.

Sometimes, actually most times, it’s far more comfortable for us to stay in our ‘box’.  It’s safe and it’s pretty. But only when we step out of the box, out of our comfort zone, do we begin to fulfil our designed purpose.

And then it’s only when we’re placed in hot water that the real flavour of our lives and character can burst forth.

If for a moment we think of Father God as The Perfect Tea Master, we will understand that He knows exactly the ideal temperature that will draw out what makes us unique. He will never place us in temperatures that are too hot for us to endure and He loves us far too much to place us in tepid water where our greatest properties will not be released to their full potential.

Then, out of pure grace, He doesn’t leave us in that hot water longer than necessary. Long enough only for the full flavour of our character to develop.

Think about that next time you feel as though you’re in ‘hot water’.  What treasure is God bringing forth in you at this time?

There is purpose in the process.

-Bek Curtis

I am a wife, mum of 3 and a woman who is passionate about Jesus and seeing people connected and reconciled to the Father Heart of God.  I was redeemed by God through His immeasurable grace, from a life of drug addiction, promiscuity, and teen pregnancy.  God has transformed me so radically, that even I don’t recognize the girl I used to be!  God is love, and this love has the power to redeem, restore and transform lives. It is this truth that fuels me to encourage others to find freedom in Christ, mainly through my role in Prayer Ministry, which focuses on inner healing and deliverance. I love watching Him meet individuals exactly where they’re at, loving them, reassuring them and releasing them into the freedom He so desires for them. It is an honour of which I will never tire!  I feel most alive when I am given the opportunity to speak publicly and share my testimony of grace and redemption, it gives people hope for their own lives and seemingly hopeless situations. Because what He has done for one, He will surely do for another!  I love writing, and although I don’t always manage to do so with eloquence, my blog Perfectly Flawed allows me to write and share my God Journey with vulnerability, a journey that is filled with massive wins and epic fails, and all the lessons that come with each. I’d love you to join me:   or connect with me on Facebook: or Twitter: