The Tiny Goliath

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The tiny Goliath – two contradicting words – is what we are battling with right now. This seemingly tiny particle of nm in diameter, fragile and dependent on another cell for its own replication (obligate intracellular) has brought the entire world to a stand-still.

The Novel Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise as the world seemed ‘unprepared’ to face the havoc – COVID19 Pandemic. Economy crashing, job losses, pay cuts, shut down of schools, Worship places,, and entertainment centers have literally caused the world to adapt to a ‘new normal’. Facing the Giant

During these turbulent times, what ought to be our best response?

  1.  Stop magnifying the virus and the disease:
    As a Clinical Microbiologist, we face many dreadly viruses than the nCoV.  For example – HIV, HBV, HCV – which once acquired, remain within our body as latent infection only to get reactivated when an opportunity arises [immunosuppression]. We are still awaiting a major breakthrough for an HCV vaccine, though the virus is known for many decades now. Infections – be it viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic – have existed since Adam’s era.
  2.  Be equipped and guard yourself:
    The humankind has faced many such pandemics since the beginning of creation, albeit of a different magnitude, and even now, we are not unarmed or unequipped to face this tiny goliath. The mode of spread is mainly through droplets, which is also the route of transmission for many other infections that we have faced before. There are guidelines available on the website [CDC website] which are free to download and easy to read and follow. Every aspect of infection control and prevention related to COVID19 has been made available.
  3. Acknowledge the existence of divine power:
    This seems to be the most difficult part! More than ever, these are the times we realize how finite we are. We plan for the future and when our present comes to a stand-still, we feel wrecked. Could we ever comprehend a simple fact that this tiny virus, which depends on another cell for its own replication, could cause the present tech-driven world to PAUSE!

If so, then, what is that we hold that is of lasting worth and value? If so, then who and where is our HOPE?

Our worth lies in not who we are, rather in ‘whose’ we are – we are created by a loving God, the only God who longs to have fellowship with us and has created us in His own image. May we pause and look up to the one who created you and I!

About the Author

This post was submitted by Dr. Kranthi Kosaraju.