Truth or Lie?

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Are you a person who lives by the truth or do you, like me, too often find yourself believing a lie?

I know what is true.  I do.  But too often lately, I have found myself believing the lies.  I have found myself doubting… questioning… wondering… and inevitably, at least for a brief time, buying into a lie.  EVEN when I know the truth.  

The Lie I sometimes believe:  I will never be good enough.  
I am not a good enough writer… a good enough mom… a good enough wife… a good enough Christian… a good enough ______.  SHE is much better at _______ than I am and I will never be good enough.

The Truth I know:  In Christ I am enough!  
It just might be the case that “she” truly is a better writer, mother, wife, Christian  or ________ than I am.  But God very intentionally made me, made you, just the way He desired.  And in Him I am enough.  In Him you are enough!  I am writing what I believe He wants me to write.  I am the mother and wife I think He is calling me to be (at least to my current capabilities).  I am doing _______ to the best way I know how.  “Her” ability might be greater than mine.   But God didn’t call me to be “her” he called me to be me.  And I am enough.

The Lie:  I will never be free of this _______ (sin, bondage, bad habit, stronghold).

The Truth:  In Christ I am already free.  
In Christ my sin has already been pardoned.  In Christ the bondage I feel can be broken.  Just because I used to be a slave to _______ does not mean I still am.  I can make new choices.  In Christ I can persevere until this bad habit is gone.  I will meditate on His word.  I will soak in His strength.  He will be my stronghold.  In Christ I am free.

The Lie:  I am ugly.  
My physical appearance, my hair, my weight, my wrinkles, my skin, my spirit, my words, my whatever…is ugly.

The Truth:  I am beautiful.  
I am made in the image of God, fearfully and wonderfully made.  And there is not one part of my body he got wrong when he made me to look just like this.  The words that He gives me to say are beautiful.  The spirit He puts inside me is beautiful.  I am beautiful.

The Lie:  I am not wanted.  I have been left out.  They don’t like me.  I am not worthy

The Truth:  Sometimes I am left out of things here on Earth.  
Sometimes this intentional, many times it is not.  But my worth is not dependent on my social calendar and I am desperately loved and deeply wanted by my creator, redeemer, sustainer and friend.  And I am absolutely worthy.  

The Lie:  I can’t do this.  Or,  I got this!  I can do this all on my own.  Both of these are lies.   

The Truth:  There is little in this world I can do outside of the strength, love, composure or Spirit of God.  And with God there is nothing I cannot do.  I can do this, but it is going to take Christ to help me.

There are a lot of lies in this world.  Lies that beat us up and tear us down.  But there is a truth that is much, much stronger than any of these lies.  Believe that.  Believe the truth.