Two sides of the fence

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On the attack or the defense?

There are two statements that are dangerous to our walk as believers. I sadly have been in situations where I’ve used both excuses. Either to build up some level of superiority or make excuses for my sin. Countless times I’ve heard many believers use these statements and I just thought I’d share how dangerous they both are. There are two sides of the fence. One is on the attack and the other on the defense. Both are wrong!

Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?


I don’t know if this is a popular phrase used globally to point out Christians, but where I am from we hear this phrase quite a lot. You may be struggling with something in your walk. Perhaps its sexual sin, alcoholism, witchcraft, the use of drugs, lying, stealing, cursing and the list can go on and on.
Have you ever been caught in a situation where someone perhaps pointed out your point of weakness and used your faith to bring condemnation to you? Or have you been in a situation where you pointed out someone’s weakness? e.g. So you’re cursing, and you’re Christian?

Believers are called to live a life that is pleasing to God. We are to live holy, just as Jesus did. But there was a reason the Apostle Paul said: “work out your salvation.” This indicates that we can lose our salvation. In fact, we can slip back into the world. Now before I move forward, let me add, there is a difference between living in sin and struggling to live right before the Lord as opposed to blatantly and comfortably finding a place to reside in the world.

Having said that, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit would come to us, as a helper. It is in Jesus that you can overcome whatever you face in life. Our job as believers is to build one another up in the faith. The church is the people. It is not a building, and our role in the kingdom is to ban together and fight till the end, building each other up constantly and being our brother’s keeper. It is not to gossip or point fingers and spew words of condemnation at each other.

We as a body need to wake up and accept (not the sin) but the sinner, knowing that God can do exceeding abundantly, and He will complete the work that He started. So you are a Christian, and you know someone who is struggling? Maybe it’s an area you are strong in, instead of saying “ and you are Christian” say, Don’t worry I know a God that is able to fix this. Stop pointing fingers. It makes you a part of the problem, be a part of God’s solution and plan!


This must be one of the greatest excuses we as Christians use. While we in our human nature are not perfect, we must always remember that we are ambassadors of Christ. This means we represent him. Think about it for a minute. An ambassador for a country has certain requirements they must live up to in order to effectively represent his or her country.

For us Christians, we represent Christ; therefore we are ambassadors for Christ. This means you and I are called to perfection and righteousness. We ought to mirror Christ in all we do, say and think. I know this sounds so far fetch and sometimes very religious but it is not. It is only possible by having a relationship with Jesus. I have many faults, but I will never use my flesh as an excuse for me living in sin.

Although I struggle daily, I know that I must completely yield myself to Jesus and trust Him with my whole being. He is the only one that can hold me up and help me to live a righteous life. “I am not perfect,” is not an excuse to use for living in sin. It should be a cry out to God asking Him to help you live the righteous life you are called to live.
Instead of jumping on either side of the fence, let us start by trusting God as opposed to our carnal judgment. God wants to change you; the question is will you allow Him ?