Welcome Wanda to BCW!

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Hi BCW community!

It’s with great joy and bits of nervousness that I cast my first pebbles upon the waters here. Having ruminated for days on what my opening lines would be to this community, my fingers hit the keyboard many times only to have the backspace key erase the letters several times. I felt like Samantha in her recent post, Just Short of Fabulous.

Although I would never dare to think that I could be fabulous, I have sought that ever illusive, dangling carrot called perfection.  The quest for perfection left me with many regrets and neglects. Far too often, it chained me to the fear of doing things wrong. It left me worried about the ending before taking those courageous first steps forward. That insidious monster whispered the lies that it was better not to do a thing at all, if I couldn’t do it right. And if I  am honest, I still fight those whispers on occasion. But God graciously reminds me that self-imposed perfection has never been the mission to seek. Instead God has called each of us to be encouragers of one another.

  stirred up

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. Hebrews 10:24

As I have been digging behind the scenes to get acclimated to the BCW blog and community in preparation for taking on the design manager position, while Jessinia travels to Dominican Republic, I have been encouraged by your stories.

And like our individual lives, our stories are littered with imperfections perfectly displaying the wondrous love of our almighty God. Sweet sisters in Christ I look forward to serving and getting to know each of you in the days to come.