When Until Seems So Long

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You ever have those messages that haunt you at every turn? They pop up in the latest devotional reading, the pastor’s sermon, a casual conversation with a friend. Sure the words are not exactly the same but the reoccurring theme doesn’t escape your attention.

Perhaps He repeats these messages so that they may seep deep down into inner psyche. It’s one five letter word that chases me these days—until.

I want to know when change will come.

I want to know when can I stop.

I want to know how long should I hold on.

He doesn’t give me a clear point to turn. Instead He directs me through His word. Like a lighthouse beaconing in the night, I see flashes of the same word over and over again.

The Dangerous Consequences of Not Staying Until

The most recent flashes of until have beamed at me through the account of Saul in 1 Samuel 13:5-14. King Saul found himself in a precarious position. He was in a position of leadership, facing opposition from outside forces with a throng of fearful companions around him.

Feeling the weight of his position and being watchful of his advancing enemies, he felt compelled to make a move. Having waited the number of days the prophet Samuel had instructed without Samuel showing up at the time he expected, he decided to take matters in his own hands.

He allowed fear and the anxiousness of his men to move him from his proper position. He began to take on the role of another person. He stepped outside of his place of personal authority and anointing.

You see it is easy to stay the course when nothing is fighting against you but can you stay until?

Until what you ask. Until God’s Word has been fulfilled.

Just after Saul decided to move his position the man of promise appeared. His hasty move caused Him to lose the kingdom.

What are you failing to see to come to fruition because you are refusing to stay until the promise arrives?

Today I encourage you to not give up so soon. Stay the course. Don’t allow unfulfilled expectations and the restlessness of others to move you outside of your area of grace. God has graced each of with specific place of authority, unique gifts, and abilities.


Do you find yourself in a season of waiting? How are you finding encouragement during your wait?

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