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Where do we go when we get drained in life?
Where do we go when we feel lost?
When our future seems so foggy we can take another step?
When anxiety and worry take over our hearts and minds?

Where, or Whom, do we plug into to give us our power back?

God's Word the power source for life


If I am honest, most the time it is social media, the television, call my mom or even food.

These past two weeks, on top of the two major events I was planning and creating a new normal routine in my life, I also attended my Hillsong ministry conference in New York, I worked my AdvoCare business, worked all week at the Non-profit, got my Crossfit workout in, and of course Facetimed with nephews!

ALL I LOVE, but when I am just going through the motions to get them checked off it is exhausting and quite frankly, not how we are supposed to live

I was exhausted, feeling no energy, feeling sorry for myself. I had literally no energy, no power left

This week I finally stopped and asked myself what was going on. Why do I feel so “off”? Where do I usually find my strength?

I find physical strength in sleep, eating healthy, exercise and tea. That gives me my physical energy

But what about when I mentally can’t go on? I find my strength in Christ

From prayer
Daily devotions
Communicating daily with the Lord
Encouraging others

Yup, I didn’t do much of any of those things this past week

I opened my mind to receive information on leadership training
But didn’t fill my mind with the Word

I opened my heart to feel unnecessary emotion for a friend
But didn’t ask God to fill it with His love

I filled my mind with thoughts of fear and doubt
But didn’t the ask Lord to take those away

Think of trying to turn on your hair dryer without plugging it in
How would that work for you? Not very well and probably pretty exhausting and frustrating

This was me this past week. Trying to gain energy from my own power source

I realized I only work well when I am plugged into The Mighty Power.

Plugged into the Power Source who promises to protect and provide
The Power Source that speaks with wisdom and knowledge
The Power Source that ignites purpose, hope and passion
He gives me energy

Plugging in for me includes finding time for morning and nightly prayers
Morning devotions
Staying in communication with the Lord
Asking Him to fill my heart with His Promises
Purposeful prayer
Intentional prayer
Reading His Word

So, where do you plug-in? My prayer is you chose Him as your Source of Power instead of looking for the world’s. I promise He will always give you the energy you need