Women of Faith

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Father God, hallowed be thy name, from Adam’s rib You created woman to fulfill a role much different than that of man.  Dear Father, You know our hearts, our minds, our skills, and You know sometimes we need that push.  Push on Dear Lord, push on. The movement of Christian women is pulsating across this great world.  Gather Your daughters by the multitude and push them forward in service to You.  Amen.


Now, why in the world would we women need a push from the Lord to serve Him? Because… He does know us just the same as you and I know women. We are a competitive, jealous, gossipy, back-biting, and nail scratching breed. We fight tooth and nail to support our loved ones. We are the protectors of the world yet, we are also the instigators of bizarre behavior. We imagine people are against us, when they aren’t. We see confrontation, where there isn’t any. We are the one uppers of the world. We wear our emotions on our sleeves and a devout proudness in our hearts. We praise the Lord, yet trip hastily over the Devil’s wickedness. We throw fits and beg forgiveness. We swear and place fault on others. All in all, if you study a woman, one can’t help but to ask how and why God would want them to serve Him. Yes, we are a strange and curious breed aren’t we sisters?

Recently, I lunched with a sister in Christ. We have a commonality that needs to be fed not by food, but in spirit.  As we sat talking about how to better serve the Lord, she pointed out exactly what I was feeling.  There is a growing movement in women of faith. There is a surge pulsating through this world like never before. Women are turning to Christ in record numbers and they are guiding their families down the path of righteousness. Why is that? Why would the Lord put such flawed beings at the helm of a spiritual movement? Simple. We are the daughters of Sarah, we are the mothers of children just like Mary, and we are the wives of hardworking and deserving men. Why not call women to lead a movement?

In Biblical times, a man’s job was to toil hard and support his family. In today’s society the man is often absent from the family. We have children who have no clue who father is. Because of such action or inaction, women are left to fulfill both the male and female role in the home. This is not the idea of family that God imagined. Parenting was never meant to be a one person role. Women now have more authority in the home, more power in the office, and greater roles to fill. It’s time for women to step up to that heavenly plate and accept that calling. It’s not society’s fault, it’s not God’s fault, it’s each of our faults for making the decisions we made. Accept the faults and move forward. Pick up the staff of Moses and break the false idols in your life, set yourself free to serve the Lord, our Savior. Gather the multitudes of women around you.  Support each other. Have those spiritual feasts in the name of the Lord.  Reach out to women all over. Now is the time to use your womanly powers to save this world.

Women love deeper, support more firmly, and forgive like The Father. We know the feelings of hurt and despair, yet we forgive. We know broken promises, yet we allow new promises. We know failure, yet we triumph past it. We know broken hearts, yet we still believe in true love. From our own experiences and failures in life we can lead our families into those pearly gates of Heaven. What are you waiting for? Be that leader your circle of family and friends need. Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  Go forth as a woman of faith and serve our King, our Father who art in Heaven.

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