Writing Wins and Woes

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Well, I am a writer. That goes without saying.  But why am I here blogging to you about writing?

I am blogging because three years ago when I started my writing quest, I was a total novice and had little support from anyone to guide me in my writing journey.  The world was full of books by experienced authors and I felt discouraged with the process of becoming a professional writer.  While I haven’t gotten to the professional writer status yet, I am on the journey.

Yes, I am a Christian and as Christians, we are all on a faith journey.  Writing is a faith journey, too.  It takes faith to get up everyday and start writing, not knowing if your product is going to be good, mediocre or just plain lousy. The lesson learned is to write, write and write some more.  Learn from others. Support other writers. Read a lot. Put yourself out there and submit your work. I haven’t arrived.  As I got involved in the business of writing, I found that there were three payments for freelance writers; token, semi-pro and professional. I guess I find myself between the token and semi-pro phase of writing. Wherever we are at as writers, it’s more important to write and enjoy the writing that we do.

So, what is my blog about? My blog is mostly about sharing my writing journey. I share the publishers I submit to so other writers can submit to them also if they want to. I share my acceptances and rejections in a brag box/whine box so others can see the writing journey in a practical way. When I first started, I stumbled across a writer doing this and it was so encouraging to know when I received a rejection, I wasn’t alone. I offer advice; not because I know so much but because I’m still learning. To be honest, I blog to find other writers out there who share my love of writing. Together, we can encourage others to write on.

Meet Shari

ShaJanuary 2014 017ri L Klase  has been writing for about three years.  She has published numerous short stories in magazines and ezines.  She lives with her artist husband, teenage writer daughter and her year old corgi, Lucy, who has been on a rampage in her house since they got her as an 8 week old puppy.