About BCW

Female Disciples of Jesus

From the beginning of Jesus’s ministry through His crucifixion, women played a critical role in supporting the ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us that Jesus would often use women to bring about incredible miracles and holy revelations, including allowing a woman to be the first person who was made aware of His resurrection. Jesus loved His female disciples and did not make a distinction between them and their male counterparts. He gave them a voice and blessings to spread His gospel throughout the world.

Who We Are

Blogs by Christian Women is a website that builds on top of this blessing, and provides a platform for women of Christian faith to share their lives, experiences, and empower other women in the blogging industry. We celebrate women of all blogger types: fashion, food, health, family…etc. If you are a Christian Woman blogger, then this blog was made with you in mind.

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If you would like to contribute your stories or for promotional inquires we can be reached on our Contact us page or by emailing [email protected]