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We appreciate your interest in wanting to write for our Christian blog and share your story with believers around the world. We welcome you the opportunity and platform to promote your unique voice with our readers. Please read carefully review our Content Policy before submission.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • Your post should be unique, faith-centered, family-friendly, and within the spirit of BCW.
  • Submit an original post, greater than 1000 words, and has not been previously published on other print or digital channels, which includes your own blog
  • Use short paragraphs (no more than 6 sentences a paragraph)
  • We ask that you create custom photos for your post. We recommend using free tools like Canva to create images for your submission. If you don’t have a photo if the post is accepted we can provide one for you.
  • Submitted images must be in either .PNG or .JPEG formats
  • Images should not have dimensions larger than 1080 x 1080
  • Images should not be bigger than 1MB
  • Include 2-3 sentence brief bio  (at the bottom of your submission) that includes:
    • your blog’s name
    • (1) link to your blog or social media
    • your bio should be written in third-person
    • if your submission does not include a bio, it will not be accepted
  • Please include a frontal headshot photo of you for the author bio snippet. It should include a view from the top of your shoulders to the top of your head. (i.e. Think high school graduation photo)
  • Post that appear to only promote a product, brand, or individual will not be published. We do not accept guest post articles from companies. If you are interested in corporate or brand advertising services please contact us here

Visit Our Guest Post Topic Center

One of the most challenging parts of being a blogger is coming up with article ideas. So we launched our Christian Guest Post Topic Center to help our guest post writers come up with topics that readers are searching for.

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Key things to remember before submission

How to write for our Christian blog

Ownership of content

Once a guest post has been accepted and published, effective immediately on the date of publication, all content associated with the guest post including: design, text, images, digital files, ideas, logos, and sounds are the exclusive property of blogsforchristianwomen.com, including worldwide distribution and intellectual property rights.

Distribution of content

You agree that the guest post content may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, re-posted on other websites, downloaded, or transferred in any form or by any means without prior written consent, and with express attribution to blogsforchristianwomen.com.

Acceptable monetization

Guest post authors are able to include up to (1) link to a monetization platform that they control. Here are examples of acceptable monetization links:

  • Link to an eCommerce website product page that they own and manage
  • Link to a business website they own and manage
  • Link to a product review on a blog post that contains affiliate links
  • Link to a landing or funnel page to join a webinar they own and manage
  • Link to a landing page to join an email list they own and manage
  • Link to a social media site they own and manage

Prohibited monetization

To maintain quality control standards we prohibit the following methods of monetization within a guest post:

  • Affiliate links
  • Prohibited product or service sales pages


In the weeks and months after your guest post is published, we encourage you to continually visit the article to check for comments and interact with your readers. Doing this helps keeps readers engaged and increases the overall audience engagement of the post. In addition, write for our Christian blog in the future as you have new stories to tell.

How to write for our Christian blog

After you have read our full Content Policy, please visit our Guest Post page to submit your article for consideration.