Archives for March 2019

Stop Playing While Hurt

I grew up playing basketball. For about 10 years, it was a substantial part of my life. Outside of school and church, it practically was my life. It made me stronger physically and tougher mentally. Not every aspect of the “ball life” impacted me positively, however. In the basketball world- well, in sports in general-, […]

Value in the Vessel

In my daily walk with God, I often feel intimidated or unworthy because of what I see others doing around me. I see other Christians planting churches or starting podcasts or generating their own nonprofit organizations. If I’m honest, it sometimes makes me feel like I’m not doing enough, like I somehow lose worth as […]

Writing theologically accurate lyrics for praise and worship songs

While writing a new song for the church recently, I found myself wanting a word that rhymed with ‘darkness’. ‘Harness’? ‘Unto us’? There didn’t seem to be many choices. I turned to the person I was sitting with and exclaimed, ‘if only there had been an apostle Marcus!’ Well, that sounds ridiculous, but it did […]