7 Must-Have Productivity Tools For A Christian Blogger

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Alicia Rother
Author Alicia Rother

Blogging has taken the internet by storm. But it can get overwhelming at times, especially when you are an individual creator. Making the most out of the twenty-four hours given to us requires awareness and a little bit of help from productivity tools. Being productive will help get things done timely, but you will have more time to indulge in honing your skills. The world is getting competitive day by day, and one needs to keep improving to be relevant. For instance, creating content is not enough these days; logo, website and social media interaction with your target audience is crucial as well.

The most significant advantage of being productive is more time to blog. You will get more return on your investment as you put more blogs out on the internet. Especially as a Christian blogger, you are expected to put out responsible content that is inspiring, practical, and engaging. On the other hand, you have to juggle work, family, ministry, etc. The internet can offer a multitude of tools that can hike your productivity. Such apps help with creating a distraction and stress-free environment while keeping a check on your output. Let’s look into some of the best productivity tools for a Christian blogger.

Logo Design

For having the edge over the competition, great graphics are a must for your blog. Logo Design can take care of your design needs, such as Facebook cover, business card, t-shirts, etc. Interestingly, you can design your religious logo by using a template. The most pleasant thing about Logo Design is correct image sizes. You do not have to worry about the size according to the social media platform; the tool gets it right beforehand.


It is one of the most popular and favorite productivity tools for a vast majority of writers. Grammarly is a basic chrome extension that offers grammar and spelling checks for your write-ups. It can help improve the quality of the blog while correcting grammatical errors for a newbie writer. One can use it not only for blogging but also for emails, text messages, social media write-ups, and much more. This tool becomes indispensable after a single-use. In the premium version. You will have the added benefit of alerts for probable mistakes. So, invest in Grammarly and put quality worries to rest.


As the name suggests, StayFocused helps in staying focused while you are working on your blog. It limits the use of applications and websites that can potentially create a distraction and lower down your output. A blogger has to scour through the internet to find reliable and interesting facts about their next blog. While doing research, it is highly possible to get lost in the world of social media, entertaining videos, and irrelevant websites. StayFocused can help you in curbing such websites during your work time. You can set up the allowed time, and once it gets over, the site will get blocked for the entire day.


When blogging over WordPress, then the handiest tool to use is Wordable. You can upload Google Docs directly to WordPress in a matter of a few seconds without the hassle of manually copying and pasting. Similarly, it is an arduous task to transfer images from a GoogleDoc. On the other hand, Wordable can import pictures at a single click over WordPress quite easily. For bloggers that use Google Docs for writing WordPress, blogs must have Wordable without any doubt. See for yourself how quick and time-efficient Wordable can prove to be for increasing your productivity.


Bloggers are always on the lookout for the best research content to create the best quality blogs. ContentGems offers you the independence of curating content and creating a reserve that can be shared as well. All in all, it is a solution for all your blogging needs, content discovery, and citation needs. You can find relevant content anywhere and anytime timely. It is a helpful tool for people from all fields, especially consultants and bloggers that deal with clients from diverse backgrounds. When you cater to clients from multiple industries, ContentGems can help update new happenings in all the industries.


The most crucial thing for being productive is good organizational skills. Evernote can help you in keeping all your tasks for blogging organized. Be it researching content for the upcoming blog, writing, or making a to-do list. It allows you to manage not only your work-related projects but personal goals as well. You can create a repository of ideas, pictures, voice notes, and videos. One can clip and tag things from the internet quite handily. With Evernote, you can have a single stop point for all your needs for a task. In all, it is the easiest and best productive tool available on the internet for bloggers.


Feedly is a trending content discovery tool that is worth a mention. In it, you can have a grip on trending content and track keywords, tweets, and YouTube for the same. One of the best things about it is integration with other productivity tools such as Evernote etc. With Feedly, you can know your competition and how you can use trending topics to your advantage. It is a place wherein you can check real-time updates from various news sources and websites. To have a more organized use, it comes with different themed feeds for diverse topics.


Lightstock has a good brand name in the market with tags such as cheesy-free stock photos, faith-focused vectors. And it keeps up with all of them. You can get quite good, inspiring images for your Christian blog that stir your soul over Lightstock. Unlike other photography sites, you will not get any frills here that are not up to quality. Hence, images over Lighstock are pretty better than its competitors even though it is not entirely free. So, it is a wise decision to go with Lightstock rather than a free website for your blog, any day.

Final Words

Regardless of your genre in blogging, productivity is vital for growing your reach and output. Take the help of these tools and utilize the time available effectively. As you try and set the habit of using them, you will find how essential they can be.

Alicia Rother
Alicia Rother

Alicia Rother is a freelance content strategist who works with small businesses and startups to boost their brand reach through creative content design and write-ups. Her area of expertise includes digital marketing, infographics, branding, and graphic design.