5 Ways to Encourage yourself in the Lord

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Many times as humans we often find ourselves in a “rut”; one of discouragement. Many people, things and situations exist that have the ability to toy with our emotions – today, feeling great, tomorrow, not so much – but how do we get back up?
“And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.” – 1 Samuel 30:6 KJV
Here are some of the ways I have learned to stay encouraged in the Lord.
1. Ask God: Isn’t it ironic how when we got a problem, we run to everyone else but the guaranteed problem solver? Many times we take it to our friends, family and finally come to God. In his mercy he fixes us but how much time and energy saved if go to him first? As Christians we need to remember that there is absolutely nothing too troubling that God can’t fix, and you know what is even more awesome about it? He longs to have us come to him with those problems!


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28


We need to make it habit of bringing our troubles to God before anyone else.
2. Look Back: There is so much encouragement in looking back and recounting your blessings. As a christian I have had way too many occasions where I have experienced God’s power, help and awesomeness. For starters, my salvation! If we looked back in our lives and remember every time we felt like we were in a rut, we would often have a testimony to share of how we got out. In times of present troubles and discouragement, our previous victories and testimonies are a good way to be encouraged in the Lord.


“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” – Rev 12: 11


3. Have a Party: Yup, throw yourself a party but not the kind your feelings would try to convince you to have – the pity party. Isn’t it ironic ho when we find ourselves in difficult situations we immediately feel like a pity party would help? In my experience, once those parties are over, I feel worse than I felt before it started. What I have come to understand I need in those times is a “Thankful Party”. I need to hear encouraging stories of how God is working awesome things in the lives of the people around me. After all if God is working in the lives of people around me, he is in the neighborhood – what’s not to be encouraged about that?
I know it is not always the easiest thing to do when in trouble but there is grace to consciously ask your friends to share their testimonies with you for some encouragement.
4. Look for Lessons: This could very much be the hardest, Asking yourself “What can I learn from this difficult situation”. While it could be difficult I have learned that it is necessary. In this way, I believe we allow the scripture (Genesis 50:20 NIV) “you meant evil against me, but God turned it for good” be real to us. People may think you have hit “rock bottom” and they may be right, but in that “bottom” there are usually lessons we could come out with. While in communion with God (prayer) and the people around you (testimonies), take time to look for lessons to learn; take time to “grow” through those challenges and not just “go” through them.
5. Stay Busy: An idle mind is bad enough, but an idle and discouraged mind is even worse. In times of troubles sometimes we retreat to ourselves and those quiet times are not always productive – sometimes they could be destructive. Free yourself from that isolation (that leads straight to worry and anxiety), and get busy. Being busy takes your mind off the issues and it lets you have a well needed break. But being busy by being a blessing to others not only gives you a break but it brings joy to your life. With that joy, comes strength and grace to continue to press on.
Are you in a rut of discouragement today, get busy with helping people, your church, family and others in need. Watch God free you of discouragement while you be a channel of blessings to others.
These are just a few ways to I try to stay encouraged when I feel down. Thankful for grace to always pull through. If you an in that place now, I suggest you try these options and always remember, there is a way out, and you would get there! Keep pressing on!
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