A Little Short of Fabulous

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I started brainstorming for this blog post and I was stumped…I wanted it to be something moving…great…perhaps even beautiful! And somewhere along the way it just didn’t come to me. 
I sat…stared at my screen…typed…deleted…typed again and then shut down my computer.  
I was discouraged.
I had writers block.

What could I write that would possibly interest our readers? What hasn’t been written? Why haven’t I had any great creative epiphanies lately?

I felt like I was failing.

Then I realized that maybe what I write doesn’t always have to be great…perhaps I don’t have to always have the right thing to “say”. So what if I don’t post something stylish and chic… a cute DIY…. or a motivational spiritual piece on life.

Sometimes…it just doesn’t happen. 

And that is OK.

I think the blogosphere has set a standard an unwritten list of expectations.

In order to be successful blogger…you have to be a woman who has it all pulled together.

The perfect blogger can craft, cook, blog, take photos, wear a cute outfit, blog some more, swap ads quickly, write, take care of the kiddos all while working a full time job…she is the modern day tech savvy superwoman! (so not me).

So today…this blog post honors those of you who are feeling as if you are falling a little short of being the “fabulous blogger”. 


  1. Joy Danyelle says

    Hi Sammantha, I’m sure you won’t see this, but I am so glad that I stumbled accross this post. It’s just want I needed. I’m definitely not the greatest blogger when it comes to being stylish and chic. Writing is my thing. I love to write. It’s like free therapy. But lately I’ve been feeling like my words don’t matter, and well.. like they’re not reaching anyone. I also feel pressure to always have a blog post that’s more moving than the last, but here lately I too have had what seems to be “writers block”, but I guess your right, it’s ok to not always have something motivational to say. I guess in these it’s best to seek God.

  2. pinks says

    I just stumbled across this post and thought it was great! We so easily can fall into the hole of “trying to be a fabulous blogger” but we must remember that we are flawed women (and men!) but even though we are living in a fallen world God shines through what HE does in our lives and strengthens us when we are weak.

  3. Jandor says

    As a women who is thinking of starting a blog, I find this very uplifting. I have been sweating over how to start out, but you reminded me that if i feel there is a need for what I have to say, all i need to do is start not compare. Thanks very much, as usual He is one step ahead of me and giving me the push i need.

  4. Violette Willis says

    I’ve fallen a lot of short from being the “fabulous blogger”, lol. Went from blogging everyday to hardly at all these past 3 weeks. But I’m back on the saddle 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement <3

  5. Samantha Elizabeth says

    Sistergirl – thanks for your response! Your blog is very lovely. And I agree with you completely. In my defense I would say I am not comparing but more so observing…that some bloggers just have a lot more time to blog…and they do so fabulously…therefore…it leaves me feeling a tad…well, un-fabulous! I have learned to embrace my talents however I wish I had more time to showcase them on my blog…and share them! But life has me stuck in a rut right now. Thanks for the input!

  6. Sistergirl says

    That is so funny…I guess it must be true if your entry made me laugh. I hope when people read my blog they don’t think I am this “fabulous blogger”. I do and post a lot but it is my personality…I get bored easily, lol. I tend to have lots of interest. The good thing is God has made us all different and we each have our own unique gift. Learn to embrace your own talents and don’t compare.

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