A Little Short of Fabulous

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I started brainstorming for this blog post and I was stumped…I wanted it to be something moving…great…perhaps even beautiful! And somewhere along the way it just didn’t come to me. 
I sat…stared at my screen…typed…deleted…typed again and then shut down my computer.  
I was discouraged.
I had writers block.

What could I write that would possibly interest our readers? What hasn’t been written? Why haven’t I had any great creative epiphanies lately?

I felt like I was failing.

Then I realized that maybe what I write doesn’t always have to be great…perhaps I don’t have to always have the right thing to “say”. So what if I don’t post something stylish and chic… a cute DIY…. or a motivational spiritual piece on life.

Sometimes…it just doesn’t happen. 

And that is OK.

I think the blogosphere has set a standard an unwritten list of expectations.

In order to be successful blogger…you have to be a woman who has it all pulled together.

The perfect blogger can craft, cook, blog, take photos, wear a cute outfit, blog some more, swap ads quickly, write, take care of the kiddos all while working a full time job…she is the modern day tech savvy superwoman! (so not me).

So today…this blog post honors those of you who are feeling as if you are falling a little short of being the “fabulous blogger”.