Why Driving from the Back Seat is the Safest Position

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A back seat driver is, well, someone who tries to drive from the back seat.  For most of us, that can be quite annoying, but that is exactly how God calls us to lead, from the back seat, from a place of anonymity and servanthood.  As I was meditating on the season I found myself in, I heard the Lord say “lead from the caboose”! Since I knew nothing about trains, I had to ask a man who did.  It seems the caboose is where the engineer sits.  No one knows he is there.

Handing God the Keys | The back seat driverMatthew 20:26 tells us “Not so with you, instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”  In the Body of Christ, we should always seek the towel rather than the altar. Yet we still have this idea that “real leaders” are the ones on the altar preaching, teaching or leading worship…those seen “in the front of the church.”   That can be a real problem for some.  Proverbs  17:3 says “Just as fire tests silver and gold, so praise tests the heart of man.”  When we lead from the front, praise of man is a continual test.  Unfortunately many fail the test keeping glory for self, building reputation rather than the kingdom.

But when the “front of the church” ministry is removed, when visibility is diminished, when we find ourselves in the back seat, then what?  We quickly discover what we really are made of.  We discover if we find our identity in Christ or in what we do for Christ.  For many, it is the latter. If we can be removed from all the things that bring attention to us, and serve anyway, grow anyway, lead anyway from a place of “unseenness,” then we are truly a leader for the kingdom of God. To lead in the Kingdom is to constantly point to Christ regardless of church role.

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If we can do that without praise, then God can trust us with praise. Then we have now become so identified in Christ that in all things, we give Him glory for we don’t want any for ourselves.  We have grown past the false humility to become truly humble before the Lord regardless of where we serve from.

So. that is the question for each of us; what if I have to step down from my area of ministry? Will I be as passionate about building people, encouraging others in the Lord?  Some would literally crash and burn for losing position is losing self, and if that happens that would be the answer to our question! #MyGodisYahweh

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Renee HymelAs I have grown in my walk with the Lord, especially these last 3 years, I have discovered a love for “aloneness” with Him that no church service can duplicate.  Though I love my church, serving and teaching, nothing compares to a walk alone “in the garden.” It is in this place that I have grown, it is there, I have been healed, and it is there that in my daily conversations with the Lord, He fills me daily to accomplish the task He sets before me.  I have a heart to build, strengthen and encourage women especially in the area of prayer for their children.  Through our ministry the Worldwide Mom’s Day of Prayer we are doing just that.  You can find Renee Hymel online on Facebook at the Worldwide Mom’s Day of Prayer or on Instagram.