Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder

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There is an old adage that says, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  And while this may be true, our society has some pretty firm ideas on what should be considered beautiful and what is not beautiful; and it is not so much dependent on the beholder as much as it is on false, unrealistic and unattainable parameters.

I have beheld lots of beautiful people in my life.  Some of these people  are physically striking.  They clearly meet societies definition of beautiful.  Their features are symmetrical, they have the correct body mass index, and that special, undefinable, something that makes one physically BEAUTIFUL.

Some of the people I have met are intellectually beautifully.  Their mind amazes me! And it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL to get a glimpse into their world of understanding and intelligence.

Some people are beautiful athletes.  They are muscular and tone.  They have excellent control of their body and to watch them go is BEAUTIFUL! They move with grace and majesty. They are elegant and regal.  I love to watch these people do whatever it is they do!

I have become acquainted with score of people who use words beautifully.  Many of you make that list.  The words you write, the words you speak are simply amazing!  You inspire me, you fill me with hope and joy and peace.  The wisdom you have is expressed graciously and uniquely and the way you write is BEAUTIFUL.

But my favorite people, my very favorite, are those who are emotionally or spiritually beautiful.  People who have a heart that truly loves.  They are kind, compassionate and selfless.  They know Jesus personally and they live like Jesus lived; they look like Jesus must have looked and this is what true beauty is.  It is BEAUTIFUL to see the way these people interact with others.  And the most beautiful thing about a person who is spiritually beautiful is the way they bring out the beauty in those around them.

You are Beautiful

You see that is what Jesus does.  He brings out the beauty in the people around Him.  He sees beauty in everyone.  And in knowing Him, everyone becomes beautiful.  The closer you get to Him, the more beautiful you become.  He sees your beauty and it makes Him smile. Psalm 34::5 says, “Those who look to him are radiant; their face are never covered with shame.”

You, my friend, are radiant!

Your face should never be covered in shame.

You are beautiful, the very image of God Himself.

We live in a world quick to tell us we will never measure up to their standard of beauty.  But this world was never given the role of judge.  That role belongs to God.  He has made it pretty clear that He and He alone is the only one who gets to judge and He thinks YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.

He sees you, He knows you and He loves you, just as you are.  Despite your mistakes, despite your flaws, despite your imperfect features, He thinks your beautiful!

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And the more you become like Jesus, the more you get to know Him, the more you study His word, and the way He lived, the more you spread His love to others around you, the more beautiful you become.

Loving others, putting others first, living in accordance with God’s word, THAT is beauty in the eye of the Beholder!