Best Apps For Christian Moms

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Best apps for Christian Moms

As a Christian mother, maintaining a healthy balance between caring for an active household and saving a few minutes for yourself throughout the day can often be a daunting, if not a seemingly impossible task. However, as many women of Christ can attest, sometimes a faith-filled word of encouragement, meditation, or even a wholesome distraction for our children can provide us with the extra motivation needed to press on to the next hour or day. Luckily, many of the best apps for Christian moms hit all of these checkmarks and can lend a big helping hand just when we need it the most.

In this article, we will explore some apps that Christian moms, in particular, can find useful to recharge their minds, body, and spirit each day. Here are some of the best out right now:

  1. Superbook
  2. Whispers
  3. Up Faith & Family
  4. Hallow
  5. FaithNOW

Best Apps For Christian Moms

One of the keys to finding a valuable faith-based app is to download the ones that serve a specific purpose in your life so that you have a reason to revisit them. So we decided to download a handful of different apps and analyzed them based on their features, user experience, and to see if they could provide daily benefits to busy moms on the go. From there, we narrowed them down to this list of the five that stood out from amongst the crowd.

1) Superbook (Kids Cartoons and Games)

Superbook App

Sometimes the best strategy for keeping a mothers’ sanity in a healthy place is to keep the children occupied temporarily while they attempt to regroup their thoughts. The Superbook app helps busy Christian moms do just that by providing tons of in-app activities that kids will enjoy, such as playing fun interactive games and watching Superbook’s popular full-length cartoon series. Also, kids can engage in daily quests as well as becoming immersed in the many incredible stories of the Bible.

What we like the most about this app is that it is something that even adults would find entertaining. Superbook is one of the biggest Christian content apps for kids on the market, so if you are looking for a little help with the kiddos, this is a must-download for moms everywhere.

2) Whispers (Guided Meditation)

Whispers App

If you are looking for a meditation app, Whispers is by far one of the best Christian apps on the market. The app provides users with sights and sounds of nature scenes while also layering thoughtful faith-based meditations on top, lending itself to an immersive and relaxing experience. You can also select a guided meditation track based on your mood or topic of interest, which is perfect for when you need to hear a specific type of message from the Bible. The app is beautifully designed and is one of our favorite apps.

3) Up Faith & Family (Movie Streaming)

Up Faith and Family App

As a Christian mom, sometimes a good faith-filled movie is all that is needed to restore our spirits and inspire a new outlook on life. That is why the Up Faith & Family app lands at the number three spot on our list. The service is similar to a Netflix style of application, allowing you to watch unlimited Christian programming for a monthly or annual fee. The library of content within the app appears to be substantial and has films in all the major movie categories such as drama, comedy, and romance.

4) Hallow (Guided Meditation)

Hallow App

Hallow is another meditation app, and it makes our list of the best Christian apps for moms because it offers some valuable features such as morning and nightly prayer routines, special guest contributors, as well as a journal that allows you to keep track of your thoughts each day. This app has a good design and a great user experience. The downside of this app is that much of the content requires a monthly subscription.

5) FaithNOW (Live TV and Christian Videos)

FaithNOW App

FaithNOW is a very interesting app that offers users the ability to tune into different church ministries from around the world. Whether you are a mom that wants to experience a minister located in South Africa or St.Louis, MO, this app provides Christian content creators the opportunity to post on the platform. Also, there are options for live TV, feature films, conferences, and other Christian television series that are available.

The best apps for Christian moms should rejuvenate the spirit

We hope that this list has provided you with a few good ideas and can help you find an app that can become a part of your daily routine. As mothers, sometimes all that is needed is a quick mental vacation to focus on our Lord so that we can stay motivated to keep pushing forward. Regardless of which app you choose, make sure the message is always Bible-based, and you walk away from the experience feeling lighter than when you started.