Brainwashed on Beauty

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Editor’s Note: Ladies I’m so delighted to have Kennedy  McWilliams founder of Godly Gorgeous Girls Magazine join us today. After reading this article about this teen’s mission to tackle the issue of self-esteem in young girls, I knew I wanted to share her story. Please join me in welcoming her to the blog today. 

The Genesis of the Magazine

I was given an assignment; probably my favorite assignment of my high school career. “Find something that matters to you. How can you make a difference? Show me how you can change the community.” my teacher said. I thought about it and found the perfect project.

In July of 2015, I started my brand Godly Gorgeous Girls which focuses on young girls. I want to be the person I wished I had when I was their age, and that is my goal every day. If I touch 100 or only 2, I want to make a difference in someone else’s life. My magazine is just one of many ways to do that.


What is Beauty

Living in an imperfect world has impacted our way of thinking. A lot of times, girls feel they have to dress a certain way or act a certain way to be accepted by society. We have trouble accepting ourselves as who we are because we have been brainwashed when it comes to the word “beautiful.” I’m sure when you read that, you thought of a slender, blemish-free girl with just the right lips, hips, and fingertips. Maybe you thought of a model or your favorite celebrity on the cover of this month’s magazine. Outward beauty is greatly valued in our world. They trick you into thinking Helping Teens Understand their real beautythere is something wrong if you don’t look like that. This is the leading cause of many self-esteem problems and struggles with young girls.

The question that I ask is if I am so valued by God, why do I have so much trouble loving myself? God says “what matters is not your outer appearance- the styling of your hair, the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes- but the inner disposition. Cultivate Inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in” ( 1 Peter 3:3-4 msg). True beauty is not how clear your skin, how long your hair, or even how flat your stomach is. It is about what is inside of us. God looks at the heart. He has created us in his image. We are His work of art, and He does not make mistakes. We must begin to accept that the things we have been told are not always the truth. Trade in your lenses for His perfect ones and recognize that he sees us as beautiful. He sees us as gorgeous girls. There was my project!

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More than Just Glam

Gorgeous Girls Magazine was birthed in November 2016. I wanted to change the perception of young girls in my community. It’s not all about the makeup and glam. We are all beautiful no matter what size, shape, or race we are. I didn’t want to look at the image created by society. I wanted to create my own image, and I did just that! The two magazines that are out include articles from guest bloggers, counselors, and young girls who are changing society’s way of thinking. I have also written an article in both “21 Confidence” and “Friends.” The two magazines can be found on my website GodlyGorgoeusGirls.Com along with other blog posts and information. I am excited about where God is taking me as I approach year 3. As I continue on the third magazine, I want everyone to remember that you have your own vibrant ideas. It’s not about what everyone else says. YOU set the bar! Set it high because that’s what Gorgeous Girls do!

Kennedy McWilliams of Godly Gorgeous Girls
Kennedy McWilliams

Kennedy McWilliams is the mastermind behind Godly Gorgeous Magazine. She is a teen blogger, who first started blogging in 8th grade. She has a passion for young girls and has a heart to share lessons she has learned and inspiration to others.