Top 10 Christmas Table Decorations

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As the Christmas Day is getting nearer with each passing day, your mind must be rummaging through various Christmas decoration ideas-How to decorate the yard, how to decorate the Christmas tree, the fireplace, the mantle, and the patio. You must be going through various magazines for new ideas as you don’t want to repeat the same decorations you did during last Christmas. Don’t worry no one wants to repeat what they had already done before. So don’t fret you are not the only one.

But what about your dining table? Decorating the table for Christmas dinner is as important as decorating your house. It is also a great way to transform your guests into holiday season mood immediately. As said all the best conversations happen over the dining table when delicious food is served. So why not make your dining table look festive even before the food is served.

Table Decoration Ideas 

10 Top Holiday Decor Ideas for your Table


Top 10 Christmas table decoration ideas to make your Christmas dinner even more memorable.

Holiday Table Decor

  1. Tree Shaped Candles
    Christmas celebration is incomplete without a Christmas tree. So why not Christmas tree shaped candles?! Candles adorned in the shape of Christmas trees completely transform and create an enchanting winter landscape on your dinner table. And trust me there is no such thing as too many Christmas trees when it’s Christmas!
  1. LED Lights
    Decorative candles are rarely cheap. So for a more affordable glow buy some colorful LED lights. You can use an empty old wine or champagne bottle and fill it with LED lights and cover the ends with ribbon or some doodle on a paper and use it as a centerpiece.
  1. Jingle Bells
    Bells are not just used on Christmas trees or in Christmas carols to signify Christmas. Give pricey table linens a run for their money by this innovative idea. All you need is a dining table cloth with ribbons on it. Just tie tiny golden bells onto the end of those ribbons for a jingly finish.
  2. Table Setting
    Admit it! Red, green, white, gold and silver all these colors together give you an automatic Christmassy-feel. So why not incorporate these colors in your dining table’s setting?! Red plates and bowls, silver spoons and knives, golden table mats. Your guests are bound to get into a holiday mood seeing your festive dining table.
  1. Pine Cones
    Pine cones in winter are easily available and signify that winter is here. You can use pine cones in many ways. Lightly spray some pine cones in cheery cranberry, some in shimmery silver or gold. Then display in a clear glass bowl and use it as one of your centerpieces just to add a rustic feel to your table.
  1. Shimmery Tiny Trees
    Is it a tree or a place setting?! Keep your guests guessing with these tiny shimmery trees aesthetically placed on the table. You can also use these tiny Christmas trees as name-card holders for your guests to seat them. One can never get enough of Christmas trees especially when it’s Christmas!
  1. Edible Pears
    Buy some fresh green pears and dust them with edible gold dust and use them an edible name card holders. They will look like as tiny ornaments on one’s plate. In fact, your guests can later take these pears with their name on it as a memento and eat it too! 
  1. Classic Bow Show
    No one can ever go wrong with bows. Delicate, intricate bows have been and always will be in vogue whatever may be the occasion. Bows are a quick and simple and yet a stunning way to dress up your place setting. Just tie each place setting with the length of a pretty wide ribbon, Make sure the color of the ribbon compliments your table settings and the crockery.
  1. Holly Napkin Holders
    Holly leaves have always been a part of the important ornamentation of Christmas decoration. So just to add a little more festive touch to your dining table setting you can use holly leaves as a napkin holder. And maybe if you like you can also add a tiny little bell in between of the leaves.
  1. Go Nuts
    This is an innovative idea to use nuts to decorate your dining table for Christmas. Place a tall pillar candle and holder inside a bigger vase and fill it with walnuts, hazelnuts, acorns, and cranberries or any other nuts that come to your mind. Use it as a centerpiece or incorporate it into your decor. This simply displays the festive flavors of Christmas.

To sum it all up, Christmas and the holiday season’s main motive is to bring your family and friends all together and celebrate this day with love, warmth, gifts and some delicious food. A little effort in decorating your dining room and your table just adds to the festivity of this day. These few additions just make the whole dining experience for your family and guests even more memorable. The upside of it is you will be showered with admiration for your efforts, and you will be labeled as the perfect host of their “Perfect Christmas”!

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