I Dare You

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When I look up the definition of surrender I find words like:
 yield, abandon, give up oneself.
Scary words to someone whose nature is control
I need to be control.
My rein for control in life got worse after I graduatedcollege

I was content with where I was in life
I was living in complete control of my own life
I thought I was happy
 Except one thing
I was anxious and restless
I questioned God
…A lot
I questioned God why I was not experiencing the same life as my friends
I questioned why He was not showing up in my life the way I wanted
I questioned God why I didn’t have dreams, goals or visions
There has to be more 
My heart was divided
 I was spinning out of control
I thought I was serving the Lord
But I was only serving myself
Serving the world
If I was in complete control why was I feeling this way?
“Noservant can serve two masters,

foreither he will hate the one and love the other,

or hewill be devoted to the one and despise the other.”

Luke 16:13
I am tired, restless and I know my heart is divided
Trying to control of my life has only caused anxiety and confusion
The world tells me to surrender to no one but I know true love andfaith is complete surrender to You

I don’t want to be anxious anymore and I know that You give apeace that transcends all understanding

Lord, I give complete and utter control of my life to You
I surrender my heart, life, mind and soul to You and Your will inmy life

I know I may suffer in this world but when we suffer and sacrificein the name of Christ means our reward will be great in Heaven

I said this prayer almost three years ago
Since then, He has given me more dreams and visions than I everimagined

I feel and see His forgiveness and mercy daily 
I have felt more peace than ever before
He hasplaced me on an adventure that only He could plan

Leaving a job of 6 years
Mission trip to Ethiopia
Moving to Arizona
…. None of that was a part of my plan
“Untilthere is total surrender, there is no vision”

You see, this world is rigged to distract us
We get caught up in our jobs, promotions,
flashy cars, clothes, social media and lust
We are easily confused who we serve
The world will fail us
The people we love will fail us
Even you will fail…every.single.day. 
You have a choice
You can serve the world 
You can serve yourself 
You can attempt to find peace in the materials of this world
You can find distractions to fill the void in your heart
You might be happy for a while because you are in control 
But then before you know it, you will get distracted by somethingelse

You can try and keep filling the void with everything exceptThe One it is meant for

 You can chose to surrender to The One who created this world
The One who promises to give you Hope and a future
The One whose love will fill that void greater than any worldlyitem

The One who will give you a peace that transcends allunderstanding

The One who promises to Strength, Joy, Forgiveness, Freedom andEternal Life

The Onewho is standing by

 waiting for your surrender

I dare you
I dare you to surrender your life to Him and see what happens
Will each day be perfect afterwards?
Absolutely not
In this world of convenience and comfort He didn’t promise itwould be easy

But He did promise a life surrendered to Him will be worth it 
And it will be the best way 
“Jessie, I don’t compete. I was waiting and calling you.
 I was waiting for you to see that while you wanted me all ofthese years, you had another master.

Your heart was divided, you loved something else more, and I willnot share my glory.


I had to become your one thing….your only thing. 
And so now…you will be hearing from me a little more.” 
(Jennie Allen, Anything
I dare you
I am choosing to put my life in the hands of The One who createdit

So far His plans have proven they are way better than my own 


About Jessie

Jessie is a small town girl who grew up in the mountains of Northwest and now living in the desert of Arizona. She has a heart for ministry, especially women’s ministry. She loves sharing her story how God took the life she had planned and turned it upside down once she surrendered it all to Him. And it is turning out better than she ever imagined. She has a passion to encourage women to find their purpose and discover their dreams, then help them create confidence and boldness to reach & fulfill those dreams.
You can follow her journey on her blog, Enjoying the Journey. She started this blog nearly 3 years ago, when she felt the Lord bringing her along a new journey. Since then the Lord has told her to step away from the safe job of six years in Seattle, led her to Africa for two weeks and then told her to leave every comfort of home and move to Phoenix. She is enjoying the amazing, thrilling, and exciting journey He has placed her on. 

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