Dessert-Time Purity

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It was my dear friend Sarah’s birthday, and I was happily dishing up helpings of her very favorite dessert. Sarah came over to help pass out the treats and briefly surveyed the plates on the counter beside me. She picked up the extra-big, beautifully arranged portion that I’d prepared just for her—and gave it to her husband!

I said, “Birthday Girl, that one was for you!” Sarah laughed and said, “I know it’s silly, but I always give the best food to Doug, or sometimes to my parents. I guess I’d feel selfish taking the best for myself, even if they don’t know the difference.”

I know Sarah, and I know her food choices aren’t silly at all! Rather, they’re a reflection of her pure heart for the Lord. Her heart’s been swayed by Paul’s instruction to humbly value others more than ourselves. Her generosity is an obedient reaction to Jesus’ revelation that those who wish to be first in His Kingdom must be last and the servant of all.

Our everyday actions are the true reflections of our inner spiritual life. The actions we take when others aren’t looking show how we truly value the One who is looking—our loving Father. We show how much we faithfully trust in His goodness by following His ways even when it’s sacrificial…even when no one’s looking.

What’s one area in which you struggle to keep your actions pure? Deep down, is it because you don’t trust God to know what’s best for you?

Dedicate that area of your life to purity this week—even when no one is looking.

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