The Gift

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I see the gift in you. You can do many things, but there is this one thing that you are great at. You do it with ease and grace. It is part of you. You cannot get it out of your thoughts. And when you walk away from it in frustration and abandon it for a while, it beacons your return.

This gift that God has placed inside of you is the key to your success. Spend time with it and you will succeed. People will come from everywhere to be a part of the gift they see in you. Like a light in the darkness you will add perspective and inspiration in their lives like nobody else can.

“But I don’t know what my gift is?” You may say.

But God does. Spend time with Him and your gift will shine. When we take our eyes off our own problems and frustration and see Jesus, everything flows effortlessly in our lives.

God Shines the Light on Our Gifts | Blogs By Christian Women

“But you don’t know my problems, they need all of my attention.”

But Jesus knows all your problems. He carried them on the cross for you to set you free from them (1 Peter 2:24).

If anybody knows what you’re feeling right now it’s Jesus and He’s right there waiting on you to trust Him.

When we tell Him our problems, we are giving them to Him. We are saying, “Lord this is Yours take it.”

When we feel the fear of letting go of the pressing issues in our lives, we should do it anyway; do it afraid.

The only thing worrying over our problems will do is choke the gift inside of us, keep it dormant and out of reach. People will see our faults instead of our unique abilities that will change their lives.

Remove the problem and the gift God has given you will shine like a priceless jewel on display at a museum.

When you trust in Jesus, God’s grace will manifest in your life in a unique and unheard of way. It will be clear that God’s grace is the driving force in your life. You will do things you never thought you could do, you will go places that before seemed out of your league.

God’s grace (unmerited, undeserved favor) will make you a champion, a voice for your generation.

God’s grace will make you look good!

People will ask. “Where did she come from? Who does she know?” Or “What is your secret?” And you will look them straight in the eye and say “ God’s Grace!”

People are waiting on you, waiting on you to impact their lives with the gift God has placed in you.

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